About Us

A humble effort by a bunch of Pakistani media & advertising nerds – PakistaniJournal.com is a growing media & content house, created out of our shared love for all things that make us proud Pakistanis.

Be it our daily updates about latest happenings in Pakistan, viral celebrity gossips, images or the latest news from tech, mobile and business industry, here you’ll find everything – unfiltered, unbiased and updated to reflect the current mindset and mood of our awaam!

In the cluttered world of Pakistani media and online world – our sole aim (in the long run) is to make sure our readers around the world see the good side of Pakistan.

Instead of focusing on all the political mishaps, scandals and fabricated news circling on the internet about Pakistan, we want everyone to know the little, positive things that happen here every day.


PakistaniJournal.com will focus on the good and positive stuff – our bustling drama and film industry, our talented Pakistani actors, our delicious local food and restaurant reviews, our up and coming new tech and business ventures and so much more!

With PakistaniJournal.com – we don’t just want to offer news and updates; we want to solve problems! Our how-to section will focus on easy to understand tutorials and step-by-step guides that will help a regular Pakistani in his everyday life.

Whether its mobile prices in Pakistan, banking loan applications in Pakistan, new business ideas, job opportunities or latest tech related updates, our daily content will focus on providing our readers with useful information, for their everyday life.

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