appoints Symmetry Trade as Authorized Channel Partner in Pakistan, a leading online B2B platform for global wholesale trade, has appointed Symmetry Trade, as authorized channel partner to accelerate and expand its reach to Pakistani SMEs and exporters seeking for global reach by developing new markets or expanding their existing business portfolio.

Symmetry Trade having diversified experience of providing ecommerce solutions to clients along with a team of highly trained professionals enable Pakistani suppliers expand their businesses and gain access to international markets through highly reputed global platform of

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the global trade and travel. However, in turn seeks to transform these constraints into new alternative channels and convert such restrictions into profitable business opportunities. For this reason, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform is making a huge impact worldwide in transforming such businesses and exploring business opportunities across all industries.

With this partnership, Symmetry Trade will be able to create value for Pakistani companies in reaching the global market, through digital technology and’s e-commerce solutions, which offer ease of convenience and a user friendly platform for any type of company., an online platform offers unmatched support to exporters to market their products globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.