Bykea App Hacked: Pakistanis Receive Inappropriate Notifications

Bykea App Hacked Pakistanis Receive Inappropriate Notifications

Bykea, one of the most popular apps in Pakistan today, is widely used for bike transportation services, serving as an alternative to car-based services like Uber. Similar to other ride-hailing apps, Bykea regularly sends notifications to its users, often with interactive and humorous content, to engage and leave a lasting impression. However, what happens when these notifications take a turn for the worse?

Recently, Bykea fell victim to a cyber attack in Pakistan, resulting in the app sending inappropriate messages to its users. The source and method of the hack remain unknown at this time.

This security breach has understandably caused concern among Bykea users. They rely on the app for their daily transportation needs, and this breach not only jeopardizes their privacy but also shakes their confidence in the app’s ability to protect their personal information.

In light of this incident, it becomes crucial for both users and service providers to recognize the growing importance of robust cybersecurity measures. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, companies must proactively safeguard their platforms against potential threats. Simultaneously, users should stay informed and adhere to best practices to ensure the security of their personal data.

As soon as Pakistani users received these inappropriate notifications, they swiftly took to Twitter to address the issue and shared screenshots of the offending messages sent by the widely used Bykea app. Take a look at some of the screenshots shared by users on Twitter.


Following the viral spread of the inappropriate notification, users received another notification approximately 30 minutes later, stating that the Bykea app was still compromised and under the control of the hackers.

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Bykea functions as a platform that connects individuals who own motorbikes with individuals and packages requiring transportation services. This unique arrangement allows motorbike owners to generate additional income while providing cost-effective logistics solutions. Bykea’s innovative cash-on-delivery technology facilitates real-time transactions within an emerging payments market, playing a pivotal role in the expansion of e-commerce in Pakistan.

Presently, the partner app has been installed by over two hundred thousand motorbike owners, enabling connections with over two million users in Karachi, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, and Lahore.