Facebook to Launch Free Website Builder and Hosting Services

Facebook to Launch Free Website Builder and Hosting Service

Facebook has been acing it with its superior business tools, giving a friendly UI to its customers while producing many opportunities for them as well. Working on these lines, Facebook has announced that it is planning on launching its own web hosting service.


The web hosting will be direct competitor to Wix, WordPress and GoDaddy.

Not many details have been revealed yet and the news was released in a blog post detailing what the new venture entails briefly.

The social media giant believes that this new venture will interest small and medium-sized firms looking for a cost-friendly and reliable service.

“Businesses have varying technology needs and want choice in the companies they work with to host and manage customer communications, particularly with remote work increasing.” says the post.

“Which is why over the coming months, we plan to expand our partnerships with business solution providers we’ve worked with over the last two years. We will also provide a new option for businesses to manage their WhatsApp messages via hosting services that Facebook plans to offer”. It adds

It looks like that Facebook is maximizing the potential that WhatsApp has brought to the company. The advertisement shows ways to making purchases straightforwardly through WhatsApp visits, with similarity with the current internet business to make things simpler for retailers.