How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2021

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2021

In Pakistan, the inclination rates and unemployment is always rising while after the coronavirus pandemic has struck, they are reached to its highest levels. This is not only happening in Pakistan but also all around the world. People are looking to earn money to meet their needs and become tension free. Whether you’re a student and want to pay for your education, a housewife, or anyone looking for a part-time earning opportunity, earning money online is the easiest way possible.


With the internet, that has become a part of our life, anyone can earn easily and utilise their skills. While earning money online make sure that you don’t run into scams. Only go for authentic and trustworthy websites. This article will let you know different ways to earn money online and easily. If you wanna do so go through the article and choose the best way according to your convenience.


When an individual works for itself rather than for an organization is termed as freelancing. It’s the popular way people are earning money online. There are various authentic websites available for freelancing. From publishing papers and scientific studies to developing blogs, refining search engine phrases, coding, and creating smartphone applications you can do things you are good at and earn good money.

Run your Website:

You can run your website and also on what you adore. The internet can also be used to know what type of sites are trending and make your website according to it. It can either be a shopping place, blogging site, or whatever you prefer. Design a website that could attract traffic to your site and the content must be eye-catching. After that signup for Google AdSense, through it the more visits you get on your website the more money you make.

Online Surveys:

This the simplest way to earn money online. If you’re a student you can easily earn without investing anything from your pocket. You just have to answer some simple questions according to politics, economics or the financial state of the country, etc. Sites like OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, Panel Opinion, The Opinion Panel, Hiving, Panel Base, Prolific, Survey Junkie must be your go-to place for online surveys.

Review Websites and Apps:

Websites like have made it so easy. It’s a new platform which gives tasks to review websites and applications available online. Just investing 20 min of your time can earn you about $10 per day. So if you don’t wanna go anywhere and don’t wanna pay a penny signup now and start earning.


YouTube is most popular platform for watching videos on all kind of stuff. You can make videos and upload them on YouTube to get paid. The videos can either be reviews, tutorials or anything that you think you’re expert in. Moreover, you can also learn skills from it then make money on it! Interesting huh?

Sell Products:

This requires some investment, but you can easily take out your investments in no time. You just have to buy products that can be sell online on wholesale rates then sell them on online portals on your rates. In Pakistan portals like is the best place to sell products online.

Write Kindle eBooks:

The best place to sell ebooks is Amazon. You just have to write ebooks on topics that you like, if someone is interested in buying it you can easily get 70% of the sale. Students who have great research should write ebooks because it only gives you money onetime but for lifetime. Just make sure that the ebook that you write should have attractive cover page, quality fiction less content and interesting.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a commission based online job. You get commission by promoting and advertising the products of other companies that you think have a valued market. The promotion should be done through proper affiliate network. You can also offer incentive to marketeers to sell products.