How to Learn Digital Marketing & Advertising Skills

How to Learn Digital Marketing & Advertising Skills

Digital Advertising has took the world by storm as the world became easily accessible entire the globe. Post Corona lock-down this trend has even more boosted as many retailers giants and locals try to reach their customers and this can only be achieved when one knows their way around the nitty gritties of advertising, to get the best customer base and tap that.


This is not such an easy task as initial execution is not the only thing but optimizing the whole is where the art of advertising lies. To advertise is to know what your customer is looking for, finding a similar customer base and finally converting all of them.

Here are a few ways you can learn about Digital Advertising in Pakistan.

Registered Courses:

One of the most easiest and convenient way of learning about the basics of digital advertising is through the courses provided by different dashboards like Facebook and Google. One can easily go through courses like “Facebook Blueprint” which has courses according to the sort of Digital Buying you want to learn and extensive courses are available.

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Many explanation videos and short courses in the form of an online classroom are available on YouTube. These tutorial videos are available by official Google or Facebook channels themselves and other then that many YouTubers have made these videos that anyone can watch and learn the different yet intricate art of Digital Advertising.

Online Free Courses:

There are many portals online that are offering free Digital Advertising for beginners as well as experts and answering the technical queries that one might have. All of these are easily accessible in Pakistan and have a huge range of courses that cover a lot of base.

Online Paid Courses:

Many virtual academies and institutes in Pakistan are offering full paid courses that ne can easily sign up for. Either the person will then have access to a huge library of curated courses on the website or one to one online classes will be conducted. Either way the courses offered are designed as per the requirement and is not one “fit for all” course.

Physical Classes in Institutes:

Many big and small institutions all over Pakistan have introduced short courses on Digital Advertising seeing the need of the day and many are coming and registering for the courses. These courses have experienced personnel, teaching the course and guiding the students on what is the best study material and practice for them.

Seminars and Talks:

Yet another way where many have received an initial yet lasting guidance is at Digital Advertising seminars and Talks specially conducted for people looking to learn and grow in this field. Many experienced advertisers and personalities join these events and share the intricacies of the Advertising world and how one can move forward if looking to make a career in the field.