How to Use Google Bard AI: Launch Date, Features, ChatGPT Vs Bard AI

google bard ai

Since the launch of Open AI’s ChatGPT, many tech giants including Google are fearing that they will soon lose their value in the market. After the immense success of ChatGPT, Microsoft decided to partner with the AI model to enhance its search engine ‘Bing.’ To counter this threat, Tech Giant, Google has recently invested $100 million in developing their own AI creation, called Google Bard AI, which is very similar to ChatGPT, but it is expected to be more advanced and up to date.

The announcement of launching the Google Bard AI has generated excitement among tech enthusiasts, as many are curious to see how it will directly compete with Open AI’s ChatGPT. For a long time, it seemed like technology had reached its limits and that there was no need for further improvements. However, ChatGPT proved everyone wrong as it showed that many professions like teaching, software development, and many applications can be easily replaced with Artificial Intelligence, and has forced brands from all around the world to improve themselves. The biggest threat was faced by Google which forced it to make Google Bard AI.

What is Google Bard AI?

google bard ai


Now, let’s talk about the new Bard AI, it will be very similar to Open AI’s ChatGPT. The Google Bard AI works as a chatbot model, where users can simply type their questions into the chat box and the AI will search through the internet to provide the best answers to the users. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard will not be limited till 2021 and will be able to provide users with the latest information. However, Bard AI is still in the testing phases and is in the process of learning and evolving, it is expected to become fully functional in the future. Google Bard AI is based on the Lamda (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) Model, which allows users to receive answers in a very human-like conversational manner.

Google Bard AI Features

  • Bard AI can answer any queries in a very human-like conversational method
  • Bard is a self-learning platform that makes it easy for users to get precise and perfect answers to their queries
  • It ensures that you get answers which suit your question by allowing you to get answers again and again
  • You can get answers for Complex Queries and Simple Queries belonging to any topic.

Google Bard AI Launch Date:

As we all know, Google is releasing its own AI chatbot Bard to directly compete with ChatGPT, and the company also claims that it will be a lot more efficient and reliable. However, it is worth mentioning that It took years to develop an advanced AI like ChatGPT, whereas Google has only been working on its AI creation for a few months now, and has already invested $100 million in Google Bard AI.

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Despite all of this, Google has still promised its user to provide an improved and more advanced user experience with its new AI. The launch date for Google Bard AI is expected to be in February 2023, Currently, only selected Beta Users are allowed to use it through Google Search Engine.

ChatGPT Vs Google Bard

ChatGPT Vs Google Bard

Both AI chatbots seem to be very similar, however, they do have a lot of differences. Here, we have differentiated some key features of both chatbots to give you a better idea of what they can do for you.

ChatGPT Google Bard
Has access to the information and events till 2021 Gets the information from the Internet which is up to date
ChatGPT is supported by Microsoft Bing Engine It is backed by Google Search Engine, which gives it the advantage
Provides explained answers Provides accurate and to-the-point answers
Can Access Limited Data available on the Internet Can Access Information from all the Websites and then provide reliable information
Can Solve Complex Problems It is limited to simpler queries but it is expected to get more advanced over time
Open to General Public Yet to be released

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How to Use Google Bard?

The Google Bard AI has not been released yet, however, the process to use this amazing AI has already been revealed. Here, we will share how you can use the Google Bard AI and start asking questions.

  1. Once the AI is released and made available for the public, the first thing you have to do is open on your PC or mobile phone.
  2. Now, open the search button in the top right corner and click on the Google Bard AI title.
  3. After the link is open, you will be required to log in.
  4. You can log in with your Google account
  5. After completing the login process, you will be directed to the Google Bard AI home page
  6. Now you can ask any question or simply start a conversation with the Google Bard AI.