Javed Sheikh Charged Only Rs. 1 for Bollywood Movie ‘Om Shanti Om’

Javed Sheikh Charged Rs. 1 for Bollywood Movie ‘Om Shanti Om’

Javed Sheikh is a renowned Pakistani actor, director, and producer in both television and film industry. He has made significant contributions to numerous successful projects, such as Ankahi, Chief Saab, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and Na Maloom Afraad. Notably, Javed Sheikh has also gained immense popularity in India for his outstanding work in Bollywood. His remarkable performance in ‘Om Shanti Om’, alongside the iconic Shahrukh Khan, has further solidified his reputation in the Indian film industry.

A recent statement by the actor has been gaining traction on social media, where he shared details about his remuneration for the film ‘Om Shanti Om’. In an interview with journalist Maliha Rehman on Gloss Etc, Javed Sheikh revealed, “When the team’s manager approached me and inquired about my charges, I responded by saying, ‘It is an honor for me to portray Shahrukh’s father, and because of Farah and Shahrukh, I do not wish to take any money.’ Despite their insistence, I eventually settled on a token amount of one rupee, although they generously compensated me.”


Javed Sheikh clarified that his unorthodox choice stemmed from the deep sense of honor he experienced when presented with the opportunity to be part of a Shah Rukh Khan film. He considered it a priceless chance and believed that the privilege of being involved in such a prestigious project surpassed any monetary concerns.

Sheikh’s intention was to convey his appreciation and the importance he placed on the project, but his statement generated a variety of responses among internet users. While many applauded his dedication and humility, appreciating his focus on artistic fulfillment rather than financial gain, the actor’s statement regarding his charges was unfortunately misinterpreted by some of his fans. Consequently, he faced criticism from a portion of Pakistani social media users who believed that Pakistani artists hold Bollywood actors in high regard. These fans expressed the opinion that Pakistani artists may not value their own talent enough. Additionally, they argued that accomplished actors like Javed Sheikh should command higher remuneration due to their unparalleled work and craftsmanship.

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