Quantico Season 2 Promo & Details: Priyanka Chopra Brings the Mystery Magic Back!

The American TV Thriller series Quantico is ready with the second season. Quantico season 2 Premier episode (Episode 1-Kudove) airs on 27th September. The show will continue to air in the same time slot as the first season on Sundays at 10:00 p.m  on ABC. Quantico 2 was ordered on March 3, 2016, by ABC in October and November to a total of 22 episodes.


Quantico Season 2 – Storyline

In Quantico’s first season Alex Parrish , who is suspected of committing a terrorist attack! Flashbacks tell her story and the stories of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico, while the second season will focus on Alex’s recruitment and training at the CIA. After the tragic events of season one, in which she cleared her name, saved millions of lives, and discovered that the mastermind behind it all was the very man who had trained her at Quantico, Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: She was fired by the FBI.

But in the final moments of the season finale, she was given the chance to serve her country again, United States’ top intelligence agency, the CIA. When season two begins, Alex finds herself at “The Farm” the CIA’s mysterious training facility

In Season 2 Alex Parrish has a sleek new haircut, a young professional pantsuit with perfect attitude!


Watch the trailer here!


The Premier episode is extremely provocative on so many levels. The characters coming back, new characters and what dimensions will be with the old characters. It also shows about all of other NATs have been up to since Simon’s Funeral of Sadness.

Alex used to the FBI which was integrity and truth and here’s the CIA which is all about immorality and deceit and lies. She will be a little out of her element in this season, and we have to see how she deals with that.

The final moments of the ABC drama’s season 2 premiere episode  were that the first lady of the United States was beheaded by a terrorist. The shocking death scene intrigues us to watch next episode titled ‘Lipstick’.



US TV sensation Priyanka Chopra has won People’s Choice Awards for Quantico season 1 as favorite Actress in a New TV Series.


Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra had a blast while watching the premiere episode with Quantico cast! Check out some pictures from her Instagram!





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