Top 10 Pakistani Apps You should Download

Top 10 Apps by Pakistani Developers You should Download

Pakistan produces one of the largest amount of engineers and pioneers in the world and with that comes a level of innovation that constantly empowers new creations.


Making strides in the IT fields, Pakistani minds have won many accolades and appreciation for creating some of the most amazing apps for android and iOS.

Here are the 10 best apps that Pakistani minds have created and that have great features that you need to experience today.

Islam 360:

Islam 360 is an all-inclusive Islamic app, with detailed collection of Hadith and Quranic Verses, Displays Islamic date, Quranic words with meanings, Duas, Umrah Guidance, 99 Names of Allah, Prayer timings and so much more.


In this age of fast data receiving and sharing, it becomes a hefty task to keep track. Intellistats helps you optimize your phone usage, including calls, SMS, or mobile data. And by reading all those stats, Intellistats suggests the best phone plan based on your usage.

Pharmapedia Pakistan:

Now get the status of the availability of different pharmaceutical drugs on the go with Pharmapedia Pakistan, a government funded app that information on drugs like their overview, dosage, side effects and chemical composition. Application is downloadable from Google Play Store and iOS App Store


Groopic, allows the entire group to get a picture taken, and then allows a second picture so that photographers can be a part of it as well. Then the application merges both pictures to show it as one, allowing for the photographer becoming part of the group picture.

National Job Portal (NJP):

The government has come out with the country’s first ever job portal that features a plethora of jobs for people from all professions. National Job Portal (NJP) is one of the main projects under the “Digital Transition Of Pakistan” vision of the government. The National Information and Technology Board (NITB) has developed the national job portal. Federal departments and agencies are expected to advertise on-portal openings.

Pakistan Citizen Portal:

Now registering any complaint has become easy with the award winning Pakistan Citizen Portal app that allows you to enter your queries and complaints to notify the concerned government officials both at provincial and federal level about the problem. Municipal Services, Education, Law and Order, Energy and Power, Healthcare, Human Rights and Health and Revenue are the departments that can receive your complaint.


Giving customer’s access to unlimited deals, Savyour is an app that lets you avail amazing discounts on restaurants, salons, hotels, clothing and many more. A community of more than 500,000 users, Savyour is definitely one app that will help you enjoy unlimited services.

What Mobile:

Now get information on the specifications and prices of any mobile that you want on the go with What Mobile app. Different devices can be compared and their specifications can be checked. The application also provides information on upcoming devices, prices, specifications, reviews, and user opinions.

Motor Registration Checker:

This application enables its user to check the vehicle details, ownership details and the transfer history of any vehicle registered in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) provinces of Pakistan. The vehicle details are gathered from the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) of the Punjab Government, and K-P, Islamabad and Sindh Excise Department websites.


A security app loaded with winning features like Anti-theft and phone locator, “AllSecure”, is an app that keeps the phone in check all the time. Though the app comes with amazing features in the free version, but for a better security solution, you can upgrade to the paid version.