10 Bollywood Actresses Who Should Be Sisters!

If you’re as crazy about Bollywood as us (proud!) then you must have questioned your eyesight when looking at some B-town ladies who look the spitting image of each other! These Bollywood actresses not only look alike in passing but it seems as if they were sisters born in different families.

Be it their hair or eyes or height — they look so darn similar that it requires a pretty close inspection to finally recognise them. I mean seriously, haven’t you, at least once, confused Ileana D’Cruz and Disha Patani? We’re pretty sure even co-actors and casting directors have the same thoughts too.

These two new Bollywood hotties got us into some digging to find out other actresses who look creepily similar to each other. Scroll down and be the judge yourself.

Lara Dutta And Esha Gupta

Who would believe that these two international beauty pageant winners are NOT at all related?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Sneha Ullal

The fact that she looks like Ash is the mainly the reason why Sneha is kind of famous.

Katrina Kaif And Zarine Khan

Salman Khan has a thing for similar looking ladies. Case in point: Katrina Kaif and Zarine Khan.

Dia Mirza and Evelyn Sharma

Same eyes. Same smile AND same jawline! There has to be some similar genes involved.


Disha Patani and Ileana D’Cruz

Frankly speaking, we are still not sure who is who and who has done which movie. We bet even Bollywood is kind of confused.