24 News shut down head office, two employees tested positive for Coronavirus

24 News has closed its head office, CEO Mohsin Naqvi said on Twitter. 90% of the staff will now be working from home while the operations have been shifted somewhere to keep the channel on air after two of the employees tested positive for Coronavirus

Few days earlier ARY News head office in Islamabad after 8 employees tested positive for coronavirus, 24 News has also closed its head office has also closed after 2 employees tested positive for Covid-19.

Earlier, the channel was facing backlash for not allowing the staff to work from home even after a couple of their employees tested positive for COVID-19 in March.

In another tweet he also added that that the movement of field staff will also be kept to a minimum to ensure their safety.

With recent developments as these many businesses and media houses have decided to opt for the work from home model to ensure safety of the employees as well as gain maximum productivity to keep work afloat in these difficult times.