Atif Aslam Recites Beautifully 99 Names of Allah “Asma ul Husna”

Atif Aslam Recites Beautifully 99 Names of Allah "Asma ul Husna"

Atif Aslam, a world-renowned singer of Pakistan music industry, won the hearts of all Muslims by reciting 99 names of Allah Almighty “Asma ul Husna” in his beautiful voice in the month of Ramadan in consultation with Cook Studio.

Recently, the famous singer Atif Aslam shared a YouTube link of the 99 names of Allah Almighty ‘Asma ul Husna’ recited in his beautiful voice on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Sharing this link, Atif Aslam wrote, “In solidarity with humanity in this difficult time of coronavirus, I have read ‘Asma ul Husna’ for all of you together with Coke Studio in the hope of better days.”

In the voice of Atif Aslam, ‘Asma ul Husna’ has been listened to by more than 773,917 people on YouTube in just 15 hours and at present, ‘Asma ul Husna’ in the voice of Atif Aslam, which is read in the top Pakistani trends, is also on Twitter.

Earlier, Atif Aslam had given an adhan in his mesmerizing voice in April last year, which had extended its tenderness not only to Muslims but also to non-Muslim fans.

It may be recalled that Cook Studio has earlier released beautiful “Hamds” and “Naats” in the voices of Atif Aslam and other famous singers which have also been well received.

Last year, the twelfth season of Cook Studios began with Atif Aslam’s hymn ‘Wohi Khuda Hai’.

In the eighth season of Cock Studio, Atif Aslam presented the famous Qawwal Ghulam Farid Sabri’s famous Qawwali ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’ to the fans in a unique way.