Ayyan Ali to make a comeback with 7 new Song releases

ayyan ali 7 new songs

After almost a hiatus of 5 years over a money laundering case, model Ayyan Ali is come with a bang.

The model recently took to twitter out of nowhere and said that,

“Time to ride & double check my upcoming 7 tracks in one of my favourite oldest lambo 🥰 I just wanna make sure they sound awsome So u all can enjoy my hard work that I’m putting out after 5 years Guys all 7 songs will be released in about one week or max two weeks’ time span”

And now, taking to Instagram yesterday, Ayyan has announced that she will in fact be releasing seven new songs within this week or by the next after the five year break she took from her career.
“There is a lot that I am working on and it’s going to be out soon, Insha Allah,” revealed the model.


Ayyan Ali also went on to thank her fans for the immense support that she has received over the years.

Ayyan Ali was arrested on March 14, 2015, for allegedly attempting to smuggle $506,800 in cash to the UAE past the Airports Security Force personnel at Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.

Ayyan had kept herself away from the limelight since she was granted bail four months following her arrest in 2015 on charges of money laundering.
She then reappeared on February 29, 2020, on her Twitter and made major announcements.