How to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer in Pakistan

How to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer in Pakistan

With the heatwave already starting its course, people are being advised by the authorities on how to protect yourself from heatstroke, it is also necessary to cool down the surroundings that you are constantly in.

Cars can get very heated up in this hot weather, making the people sitting in them very agitated and prone to getting a heatstroke.

So here are some tips on cooling down your vehicles that require us to be in them for long travel hours.

Use a light-reflecting sunshade

This is one of the most effective and low-priced options to safeguard your vehicle’s interior against the harsh sunlight. It is very effective in keeping the car’s cabin cooler even when it’s parked under direct sunlight. Putting a sunshade even on the rear windscreen can turn out to be an effective way to keep the cabin cool.

Throw blankets over your seats

Leather and vinyl upholstery can heat up excessively in the summer so to keep the seats cool, you can cover them with a thin blanket. Though a hassle, you will appreciate the fact that the seats won’t be too hot when you sit in the car.

Keep windows slightly cracked when parked

It’s a good idea to leave them somewhat opened when parking your vehicles under sunlight. A small gap will be enough to aid ventilation. Though it is not as useful to cool down a car effectively, it does help in assisting the temperature inside by reaching a room temperature like temp faster.

Try to find a covered parking

The best way to ensure that your car stays cooler is to park it under a shade. If the car is going to be parked for a longer time, it is totally worth it to park farther then under direct sunlight. Moreover, it also prevents the sunlight from damaging the finish of the panel.

Drive with Wet Rag or Icepack

A wet rag between the middle of the vent can helpful as it passes cold air immediately. You can also keep ice packs near your feet and behind your neck or back to help. This will keep the temperature of your body lower and make travel easier.

Use a towel to cover the steering wheel

Steering wheel of your vehicle can heat up a lot if you leave your car parked under direct sunlight, the steering wheel can be concealed away from the sun rays by covering it with a towel. This will help you firmly grip it after keeping your car parked for a long duration.

These tips are surely to lower the temperature of your car, giving a much more pleasant traveling experience.