How to start a business from home during Coronavirus Quarantine

How to start a business from home during Coronavirus Quarantine

With the pandemic outbreak making the world halt without any preparation for it, many people find themselves either jobless or facing major pay cuts. Needless to say that people have become desperate to find ways to earn as the situation around the world worsens and companies of all sizes and shapes continue to close every day.

Here are a few ways that we have listed that can help you earn good living during these difficult times right from the comfort of your homes.

Start Offering Online Webinars & Online classes

With almost all institutes of all forms around the world closed due to the pandemic outbreak, many people are left without any opportunity to gain the skills that they had planned for themselves, which presents a great opportunity in itself. By setting up online lectures, webinars, podcasts for online learning, many people can sign up for different courses as they continue to search tirelessly these days for them.

Classes involving fitness, cooking, coding and many more are such training courses attracting a lot of traffic these days. You can provide your relevant field studies and informational videos to help people. Be sure to make them incredibly affordable so the majority can learn.


Dropshipping is becoming a very popular business even before the pandemic hit and now it is in demand more than ever. The benefit of such a retail business is that you do not have to keep heaps of items in stock rather purchase the ordered item from a third party and ship to the customer.

It is lower risk project because all you need to do is set up a website or an app and place products on it from third party stores hence reducing your initial investment. It is a safer model as one can test the waters by seeing the demand of certain products and expand their range accordingly.

Get hired on a freelancing platform

There are many like Freelancer, 99designs, Fiverr, etc that can get you help get connected to the right employer who can use your skills and you can make an earning out of it. As the virtual office concept gains more and more demand, employers are looking for people with the right skills to help them in their businesses right now.

So it is crucial that one should remain visible so that employers can find you easily. Apart from that, on these platforms you can also earn on a freelance basis by picking a project based on your skills and working on it.

Start local delivery business

As businesses start to completely shift their models from Brick and mortar stores to online, many opportunities are surfacing. And one such service in demand is “prompt delivery of goods” as many restaurants, grocery stores, retailers look to give the best experience to their customers and looking for people to do this for them.

A dedicated delivery app, a web portal and customer service reps are of utmost importance in order to maximize profits in this line of business. You can either cover your local shops, restaurants etc. or if you have the resources, do it domestically or internationally for maximum gain.

Set Up Your YouTube Channel

While staying indoors and in need of work, starting a YouTube channel is a great option as it gives you the freedom to make great content in the area of your expertise. Once a YouTuber gains popularity by increasing the number of his or her channel’s subscribers,

Pakistan YouTubers like Ducky Bhai know as ‘The Best YouTuber in Pakistan’ are encouragement for all the new-comers in choosing the things that they love to do.

YouTube offers many opportunities to earn. Though time taking, once your YouTube generates enough traffic, it will be a great source of income and expanding your business.

Become a customer service representative

Now that most businesses are operating from home, so are the customer services and many companies are hiring people to work for them as they shift their business model completely online and need support to guide customers. Customer service representatives interact with customers on the behalf of an organisation.

They may communicate with a customer over the phone, by email or fax. Good communication skills are an absolute must for this job.

Help small and medium-sized enterprises

Many businesses are having a “Fish Out Of Water Experience” amidst the changes that the pandemic has caused to the world as a whole and this provides an opportunity for many. You can help many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through, for example, providing Automation and digitalization solution of businesses, as the world goes virtual with Brick and Mortar stores closing. You can many businesses struggling to keep afloat in these times by helping them prepare a model that best fits them and earn while doing it.

Though these are uncertain times but one should keep optimistic because there is always something for you out there if you know what you are looking for.