India’s version of Sayonee gets Trolled hard by Junoon Fans

Junoon Fans

As we all know, the Indian film industry aka Bollywood has a very bad habit of copying and re-making songs, movies and even TV commercials from other film industries like Hollywood and our very own Lolly-wood as well.


We also know that Pakistan is acknowledge by the whole world for it’s amazing spine-chilling music, especially the songs that were composed back in the 90’s, were a true masterpiece indeed and were applaud by the whole globe. That was surely the golden era of Pakistani rock and pop music.

Now, one of the most iconic song from 1997 ‘Sayonee’ by Junoon (The Band), which was the anthem of Pakistan has been sold to India.

Before this, India never even had the courtesy to ask for permission while copying Pakistani hits. But fortunately, due to YouTube’s latest strict copyright rules and regulations for the community, India could not get away with this Pakistani anthem song.

After the release, Junoon fans fought back by trolling India hard for the destruction of Junoon’s hit anthem.

About Junoon (The Band):

Junoon was a renowned 90’s sufi-rock band from Lahore, Pakistan with many classic hits like Jazba-e-JunoonBulleya, Saeein, Garaj Baras and Sayonee. The latter was recently recreated by Arjit Singh for an upcoming Bollywood film of the same name – Sayonee.

The band included one of the most talented lead guitarist and songwriter Salman Ahmed, who was directed by founder and soon joined by keyboardist Nusrat Hussain. Also, bass guitarist Brian O’Connell and the one and only Ali Azmat, who was the vocalist in the band.

The band became the talk of the town in the 90’s as they launched their album Kashmakash, which was Pakistan’s first compilation album ever.

Many of you from the 90’s may have remember this iconic hit ‘Sayonee‘, but if you don’t, you can check it out now from the video below:

This iconic songs was released in April, 1997 by Junoon. It was also the first track from the band’s most hit album, Azadi.

However, the song has now been revivified by ‘Arjit Singh’ himself, who is an Indian singing sensation. Arjit mostly sings in Hindi and Bengali but has also performed in many different  Indian languages as well. He has been awarded by National Award and six Filmfare Awards.

The song has been recreate for an upcoming Bollywood movie which is named after the song ‘Sayonee.’

The song however does not sound so bad, but the Junoon fans seems to have their own point of view’s.

Recreation of Sayonee:

Well, before we judge the people criticising the recreated song, we should hear it out for ourselves first, Right? So here is the song that has been recreated by Bollywood.

The new Sayonee title track has been labeled under the most famous Indian record T-Series.

The song is directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta & Abhay Singhal, sung by Arjit Singh along with Jyoti Nooran and produced by Lucky Nadiadwala Morani Productions and D&T Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Surprisingly, T-series has given the credit of the song to it’s original creator Salman Ahmad and Junoon (The Band), Also, T-series specially said thanks to Samina Ahmed and Adil Asif for using the song. This makes it clear that Salman Ahmad actually gave them the rights to recreate his iconic song.

Even though, the Junoon fans are not annoyed by the amazing voice of Arjit Singh, still they think that T-series have literally destroyed the true essence of the song.

The Reactions

Here have a look what Pakistani thinks about the new recreation of the Song: