Top 10 PUBG Players of All Time in Pakistan 2023

Top 10 PUBG Players of All Time in Pakistan 2023

The gaming community in Pakistan is growing with each passing day, and PUBG is without a doubt have been one of the most played games not just in Pakistan, but around the whole world since its launch in 2017. Hundreds of Pakistani PUBG players are showing off their amazing gaming skills through YouTube and other streaming platforms and among them, there are some PUBG players who have made their name shine all across the world and have reached the top spots of PUBG player rankings. So, if you are searching for the top PUBG players from Pakistan who have made millions of fans across the world with their amazing gaming skills and techniques, you are at the right place. Today, we will take a look at Pakistan’s top 10 PUBG players of all time.

1. Star Anonymous:

If you are a die heart PUBG fan, you probably have heard of the name Star Anonymous. His real name is Mubeen and he lives in Rawalpindi. He created his YouTube channel and started his gaming career way back in 2017 when gaming was not as popular as it is today in Pakistan. Star Anonymous amazed the internet with his amazing gaming skills and techniques and now he has over 2.47 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which makes him one of the most popular PUBG players in Pakistan.

2. Predator:

Predator aka Zubair Khan is also one of the most skilled and professional PUBG players right now in Pakistan. Predator has mastered his gaming skills over many years and also participated in PUBG Mobile Leagues and Competitions. He also made a record for the most kills in PUBG Mobile, so without a doubt, he is a player, you would never want to mess with on the field. He also started his YouTube channel back in 2017, and now he has over 483K subscribers on his channel.

3. Legend Sam

Legend Sam, whose real name is Sam Malik, is another big name in PUBG gaming. He is also famous for being the first person to introduce PUBG videos on the famous short video platform, TikTok. Sam lives in Islamabad and he started his YouTube journey in 2015. With his mind-blowing PUBG mobile skills, he has managed to gather over 250K subscribers on his YouTube channel now. He is also the leader of the famous Legendary clan, which is considered to be one of the best clans in Pakistan.

4. 47 Khalifa:

47 Khalifs’s real name is Osama Qayyum, he lives in Peshawar and is also the leader of the famous 47 clans. He is best known for his snipping skills, he can take shots from such angles and distances which we can’t even dream of. His YouTube channel has over 820K subscribers and he also has a popularity rating of over a million on PUBG mobile.

5. Cute Panda

Now, let’s meet the cutest PUBG player in Pakistan, 11-year-old Cute Panda aka Chris Nadeem is also the youngest player. He lives in Karachi and possesses such great skills that most of us grown-ups can’t even start to imagine.

6. Mr. Jay Plays:

Mr. jay plays is another very professional player and streamer in Pakistan, however, he lives in London. His real name is Jahanzeb and usually live streams himself playing PUBG mobile on his PC. He belongs to the popular Raptor clan, which also won The PES 2020 fan-favorite Clan of the Year title.  Mr. JayPlays created his YouTube channel which has since amassed over 801k subscribers. He’s also well-known for winning the PES 2020 Best Streamer of the Year title and becoming the first Pakistani live streamer whose stream reached the top spot on Trending. He is also very popular for GTA 5 streaming and for being a very close friend to the most famous YouTuber ‘Ducky Bhai.’

7. Doctor Pikachu:

Doctor Pikachu is probably the first female PUBG player from Pakistan who has gained such popularity among the gaming community. Syeda Mariyam aka Doctor Pikachu is also the head of her clan, Doctorz and when it comes to showing off her gaming skills, she’s without a doubt the most formidable competitor you will meet. She has over 329K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

8. Solo King

Solo King, who goes by the name Jawad Ali is one of the most spectacular PUBG players. As his name suggests, he can pull off some of the most difficult matches even if he is running very low on health and supplies. He is also the leader of the famous clan called ‘SoloGaming.’ He also has a YouTube channel with over 291K subscribers known as The ‘OneMillionEsports’ where he makes videos about his Inventory and opens up some of the most expensive and rare cases in PUBG mobile.

9: Ahmed Op. 

Ahmed Op. is also widely known by the name Legend Ahmend for his impressive skills in PUBG mobile. He’s real name is Ahmed Rana and he lives in Lahore. He belongs to the famous clan The Legends. Ahmed started his YouTube journey in 2018 and now his channel has over 487K subscribers.

10. SP Joker:

SP Joker aka Malik Ahmed is another highly skilled and competitive PUBG player from Sargodha, who also have also won some high-level tournaments. He is also famous for winning The S10 Crew Challenge at FPP Asia. SP Joker usually publishes videos about expensive crate openings on his YouTube channel which has over 305K subscribers.