Top Pakistani Dubai based TikTokers in 2023

Top Pakistani Dubai based TikTokers in 2023

TikTok has become one of the most famous entertainment platforms in the whole world, including Pakistan. Almost everyone now has the short video app on their mobile phone and spends many hours on the app watching videos of people lip-syncing, dancing and vibing on the app. While making TikToks, many people have gained immense popularity for their creativity and unique talent in Pakistan. Interestingly, Pakistanis who are living in Dubai have also gained much love and appreciation from the people. In this article, we will look into some of the most popular and talented Pakistani Dubai-based TikTokers in 2023.

Faryal Fairy

Faryal is another famous personality on TikTok from Pakistan and currently resides in Dubai. She was raised to fame for her loving nature and great sense of humor. People loved her for her innocence and loving smile. Her lip-synch videos wearing stylish and modest outfits are the center of attraction for viewers and has helped her gain over 10.9 Million Followers and 262.7 Million Likes on TikTok.


know your worth… ✌🏻#trending #faryal_fairyyy #fyp

♬ original sound – Faryal 🧚🏻♀️

Pakistani Ken Doll:

Pakistani Ken Doll aka Adnan Zafar is famous for his amazing fashion sense and sense of humor. As the name suggests, he has a very close resemblance to the ‘Ken Doll.’ Despite the initial difficulties and getting hate from the netizens, Zafar’s Ken-like looks and strict adherence to skincare still got him nearly half a million followers on TikTok. However, now Zafar has become a style icon among many and has gained over 1 Million followers and 27.9 Million Likes on TikTok.


Kon kon Desert ja chuka hy? #kendolldubai #kendoll #adnanzafar #fyp

♬ Suraj Hua Maddham (From “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”) – Sandesh Shandilya & Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik

Pinky Francis

Pinky Francis is another one of the most famous Pakistani TikTokers living in the UAE. She is best known for her short funny videos. She is also loved for her elegant dressing sense and showing her funny humor with her friends and family. She has over 3.1 Million Followers and 47.5 Million likes on TikTok right now.



♬ original sound – 🌸لائبہ رائٹس🌸

Rumi Munawar: 

Rumi Munawar is best known for her interesting, short, hilarious lip-synchs and dubbing videos. Her dance videos, glamorous looks and amazing fashion sense are adored by her all fans. She currently has over 2.9 Million Followers and 76 Million Likes on the short video app.


Tere Te ❤️🔥 #foryou #foryourpage #rumiuae #الاكسبلور #khashbulagaker

♬ original sound – ❁❁Antal_hayat❁❁