Top 6 Payment Gateway Providers in Pakistan

Top 6 Payment Gateway Providers in Pakistan

In today’s modern era, we are surrounded by the most advanced technology humankind has ever seen, especially in the eCommerce business, we are witnessing rapid growth in technology with each passing day. When we talk about eCommerce, we often hear the term payment gateways and the first question that usually arises is that:

What Is a Payment Gateway?

Well, in simple words, Payment gateways are a powerful tool that is now being used in almost every field that allows sellers to accept payment activities such as online shopping, online bill payment, and e-business with debit/credit card payments from their customers.

In Pakistan, many websites have been using international payment gateways, however, they have a very complicated procedure and setting-up costs are too high for some users. But still, online payment gateways are very important for any eCommerce business to grow and excel. There are many online payment gateways available right now in Pakistan and here, we will list some of the best payment gateways for your online business.

Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan – Banks

Whenever we talk about online payments, transaction the first thing which comes into mind is banks. This is because they have built up a very strong trust among people regarding their security and availability. There are many banks working for decades in Pakistan and have made quite a name for themselves. So, here are some of the top banks that we recommend for your online payment gateway:

Habib Bank Limited:

HBL Pakistan


Habib Bank Limited or HBL Pakistan is one of the most oldest and reliable banks in Pakistan. HBL has over 27 Million active customers in the country and is considered among the pioneers in the banking industry. This bank’s payment gateway is best known for providing high-level security in protecting customers from fraudulent transactions. The best thing about HBL is that they have a very simple and easy transactional model for their clients. It does not matter if you are using their websites, eCommerce stores, mobile apps, or social platforms like Facebook and Instagram they will always provide you with excellent service.

United Bank Limited:

UBL pakistan

United Bank Limited, widely known as UBL is the second big name in the banking industry of Pakistan. UBL has over 4 Million users and over 1400 branches across the country. The bank has been serving since 2013 and UBL’s digital payment solution is also supported by Etisalat UAE. Vendors can easily receive online payments with the UBL e-Commerce Payment Gateway. All you have to do is just open your merchant account and you will be ready to receive payments instantly.

 Muslim Commercial Bank Limited:

MCB Pakistan

Over the years, MCB, or Muslim Commercial Bank Limited, has been developed well and proven to be one of the best banks in Pakistan for providing advanced level security and flexibility for their customers. MCB also provides a 3D-Secure payer authentication which is a big plus point for their customers. MCB has over 7 million users and more than 1550 branches in Pakistan. With all these features and high-level technology, they definitely are dominant players in the finance industry in Pakistan.

Best Payment Gateways in Pakistan – Fin-Tech Companies

Above we have mentioned some of the leading names in the banking industries of Pakistan which have made a big name for themselves by providing easy and secure online payment transaction models for the people. The banks we mentioned earlier can be called as traditional banks, however, they keep their overall system up-to-date with recent technology which is why they have managed to keep up in the game. Now, let’s talk about some modern financial technology companies (fintech companies) in Pakistan. The sole purpose of such financial companies is to make online transactions and financing systems easier for people.



You probably would have heard about JazzCash, well that is no surprise as the company is among the pioneer of payment gateways in Pakistan. It is also one of the most popular and most used platforms in the country with over 9 Million users. JazzCash is actually not a proper fin-tech company, however, it plays a very similar role as fin-tech; it is an actual bank account that is connected to your mobile number, and lets you transfer/receive money to CNIC, bank accounts, or JazzCash account at any time.


payoneer online payment gateway

Payoneer is also one of the most famous payment gateways. They have made the money transferring procedure very simple and has been offering their digital payment services for small and medium businesses, corporates, and freelancers since 2005. Through Payoneer, you can easily transfer your payments directly to any local bank and they also provide a very low transaction fee for a cross-border application. Payoneer is being wiedly used in Pakistan as an alternative to a similar yet very popular payment gateway around the world, known as PayPal.


easypaisa online payment gateway

EasyPaisa was the first-ever mobile banking service launched in Pakistan way back in 2009 by Telenor Pakistan. EasyPaisa has over 8 Million users and provides many financial services, including online payment gateway, business and salaries payments, cash management, and supply chain payments. Over the past years, EasyPaisa has grown tremendously in the Pakistani eCommerce market and offers its solutions to multiple big companies like Uber, HumMart, Bykea, Daraz, etc.