Victoria Secret’s Model Mannequin Challenge Video

Victoria Secret Mannequin Challenge

If you own a Facebook or Instagram account. Surely, you have seen the Mannequin Challenge videos surging forward your feed. Since, This particular challenge includes a large number of participant. As staying frozen in awkward or highly skilled poses for a long stretch of time just for the sake of the mannequin challenge, while someone films them through the challenge.

Here’s the whole mannequin challenge Victoria Secret beautifully did and posted on their Instagram :

Apart from that, Adriana Lima posted posted this Mannequin challenge on her own during a shoot for Victoria Sport involving the entire crew legit strike postures.

It has gone extremely viral; everyone from Michelle Obama and now, Victoria Secret’s models have joined the Frozen Squad.

In this impressive video, Victoria Secrets models freeze in the midst of holding deadlifts, crunches, planks, bicep curls and punches, our muscles are totally right now.

What sort of Mannequin challenge would you do?