YouTube Stars Zaid Ali & Shaam Idrees To Perform Live In Pakistan


Youtube sensations Zaid Ali, Shaam Idrees and Shahveer Jafry have arrived in Pakistan and they are going to perform live! Zaid and party have been successful a lot in making short funny videos on Youtube. They are the leading Youtube earners of Pakistan. And now they are back in their hometown to entertain us.

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Zaid Ali has gained a lot of popularity, mainly through Facebook and YouTube. As of January 2016, his YouTube channel has over 420,000 subscribers and more than 47 million views. His Facebook page, where he also posts links to his videos, has more than four million likes. In addition to making YouTube videos, Ali has also started to perform on-stage. In January 2015 he was offered a role in a Hollywood film in which there was a kissing scene but he turned it down

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They are going to perform live in Karachi on April 15th. In Lahore, on 22nd and in Islamabad on 29 April.

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