10 Times Katrina Kaif Proved She Has The Hottest Abs In Bollywood


Ok, so we need to talk about Katrina Kaif’s ABS-olutely terrific and toned abs.  If you can’t help but stare at those zero-fat- never -and completely flat tummy then relax, you’re not a perv nor are you alone. There is a whole army behind you who are as besotted and fixated on those abs as you are. And it’s not like Katrina Kaif is unaware of her fab abs. The Kaala Chashma

The Kaala Chashma bombshell has worked hard to achieve those babies. So much so that she even has to forgo water to shoot for Kaala Chashma sequence! Katrina Kaif is known for her hardwork and dedication and she has proved it in every aspect of her career. This gorgeous girl learnt the language, trained hard for the dance and exercised days to shed the extra calories.

katrina kaif navel pictures

Th result: those almost Victoria Secrets like abs that we can’t stop talking about.  It all started with her item songs, Chikni Chameli and Sheila Ki Jawani when the actress started to wear midriff-baring outfits and obviously had to tone down to look fantastic. After that, there was no stopping for Katrina’s abs. Her high point came at IPL opening ceremony when even Dwayne Bravo couldn’t stop staring at them.

Here is a list of 10 such times when Katrina Kaif proved she has the hottest and most fantastic abs in the Bollywood business.

When she walked the ramp for Manish Malhotra in a stunning silver lehenga choli.

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures

The girl knows she’s got those abs!

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures

2. When she showed her swag in Kaala Chashma Song and sent us in a meltdown.

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures

3. When she so casually wore a cropped top in Bar Bar Dekho ( as if we are not doing that already)

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures

4. How can we forget the Kamli Song!

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures

5. And Chikni Chameli

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures


6. And then there was Sheila Ki Jawani


7. The ultimate meltdown – IPL Opening Ceremony.

Katrina Kaif hot abs pictures


How to Get Katrina Kaif’s Abs

Let me begin by saying its not easy folks! Katrina Kaif’s instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala reveals that Kaif opts for a mixture of Pilates, functional training, plyometrics, TRC and cardio 7 days a week! That’s right – no weekend cheats.

For the abs,  Yasmin Karachiwala ensured she did an hour of Pilates and 45 minutes of cardio daily. According to the instructor, you cannot put a cap on the time it takes to get flat abs, though. Karachiwala believes that to get that body, it really depends on where you start: “Understand what your fitness level is and how your body responds to it. Katrina has an amazing fitness level, so to achieve those abs, we just had tweak her workout a little.”

Diet discipline

You have to sync your exercise routine with your food intake. Kaif doesn’t follow a particular diet. “She eats smart and listens to her body and needs—she avoids gluten, dairy and sugar, and tries to include protein, fibre and good fats in all her meals,” reveals Karachiwala.