5 Best Freelancing Websites in Pakistan 2021

5 Best Freelancing Websites in Pakistan 2021

When it comes to freelancing Pakistan ranks among the top five countries in the world which generates an annual amount of around $0.5 billion entirely from freelancing. As per the reports in the Online Labor Index in 2017, by Oxford Internet Institute (OII) Pakistan was ranked as the fourth most popular country for freelancing.


Pakistan ranks a lot high when it comes to freelancing, still, Pakistan is at the emerging and struggling stage. After the pandemic, the whole world shifted towards digitisation and it turned to treat Pakistani freelancers with high dollar rates many freelancers earned a lot more than they used to earn before. With lock-downs being enforced all across the world this is a great time to start freelancing and earn easily. This article will let you know the top freelancing websites in Pakistan, so read this very carefully if you wanna earn easily online!

1. Freelancer:

Freelancer is the oldest freelancing website based in Sydney, Australia. Not only do Pakistanis trust this freelancing portal but it is also trusted by people all over the world. If you don’t know how to use this portal, don’t worry! You can find many tutorials on YouTube and learn from them. So guys what are you waiting for? Log on to (www.freelancer.com) and join fellow freelancers who’re earning money easily.

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2. Upwork:

Upwork has over 12 million active users who’re available anytime for several gigs. On average nearly two million jobs are posted on Upwork yearly. Log on to (www.upwork.com) and create your profile and submit your experience and skills in order, to get registered. When your profile gets approved you’ll start interacting with people who’re in search for freelancers. For tutorial on how to use the platform you can go to YouTube for this as well.

3. Fiverr:

Everyone might’ve heard about Fiverr! If you don’t know don’t worry. YouTube has some amazing tutorials about it. Fiverr is also the most successful and popular freelancing platform among all Pakistani freelancers because it’s highly paid. Fiverr is not just popular across Pakistan but also in the world as it comes 100 well known websites. Log on to (www.fiverr.com) and start freelancing.

4. PeoplePerHour:

This website is not as popular as top three websites but still it vastly used by Pakistani freelancers. This website lets you forward 15 proposals to clients and that too for free before it asks you to sign up and pay money for their premium plan. So log on to (www.peopleperhour.com) and get 15 free proposals.

5. Guru:

Guru does not works like taking projects from clients and getting paid. It offers commissioned work to every freelancer. Start creating your profile and submitting quotes to jobs. The employers will first go through your quote and will then think of hiring you. So, you have to make sure that your quote is interesting and compelling. It depends on you if you want payment on an hourly basis and you can break down your task into milestones as well. Log on to (www.guru.com) and start earning.