Ahmed Shah in Jeeto Pakistan League makes people question the safety on Set

Ahmed Shah in Jeeto Pakistan League makes people question the safety on Set

With the pandemic on the rise and experts predicting Pakistan to reach its peak of coronavirus cases this May, government and other official departments are taking all necessary steps to avoid any situation that is far too grave to handle. PEMRA though allowed Ramadan Transmissions amidst country wide lockdowns as people continue to remain cooped up in their houses but under strict set of precautionary rules.

One of the most hyped and awaited game show of Ramadan is “Jeeto Pakistan” with its huge prize giveaways, quirky players, celebrity guests and the ever charming presence of the host, Fahad Mustafa. Another guest that the nation loves to see on the show is the cute pathan kid, Ahmed Shah. Discovered by ARY Team some 2 years ago, the kid has completely encapsulated the audiences with his witty remarks and comic timing.

But this year as the precautionary measures some of which include not more than 2 guests at a time and no competitions on the game shows, people did not expect to see the little star. But lo and behold, “Jeeto Pakistan” which is now called “Jeeto Pakistan League”, is morphing back to its old ways of previous years and Ahmed Shah did appear on the show finally.

With a plethora of guests piling up every day along with staff and general public contestant, addition of Ahmed Shah who is not an essential part of the show is making people question if even people at ARY Digital are taking the
precautionary measures at all.

Social distancing does not seem to be the most important thing here as Ahmed Shah is brought along with the “Treasure Box” and constantly guests interact with him. Likes of which can be seen below where Fahad Mustafa is welcoming Ahmed in a style that defies any social distancing required amidst Covid-19.

Witnessing these happenings many people were not happy and had this to say: anayakhan825: “Tum logon k itny sy hall main 15 tak log aa sakty hain ti murad ali sha ko batain k masjid main bhi aaskty hain dro” People were also furious as they are taking dire steps like giving up going to mosques inorder to protect themselves and the community yet these shows are not practicing the similar precautions:
u_x_m_a_n: “Yahan py corona nai aata Masjid main aa jata hai ?”

This had led many people to question if these transmissions are even needed at all:

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This raises questions in mind like, are these shows right to call so many people on sets or it is necessary to have people to enjoy the complete essence of the hit game show.