Befikre’s Song”You and Me” is All About Fun and Love

The highly anticipated movie Befikre has released its new song ‘You and Me’ starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor as Dharam and Shyra this movie has got everyone excited. After the release of other peppy songs of the movie, this one takes having fun in a relationship to a new level. Ranveer and Vaani are making us all envious with the immense fun that they are having in this song.

Keeping up with the movie’s theme of not putting labels on a relationship , this song showcases this special bond. The cast and crew of the movie have admitted that they had an amazing time shooting for this song.

Vaani Kapoor recalls, “I remember we shot for some street side food shopping and had to shoot a portion of eating crepes together. As it was quite cold, we absolutely loved eating them, and kept eating more than we needed to!”

The movie’s songs and trailer have raised our expectations for the movie. We don’t know about you but we are incredibly excited for Befikre’s release!