Best Budget Friendly Gaming Smartphones In Pakistan 2023

Pakistan’s gaming industry has seen a massive increase in the past few years. Every Pakistani kid and youngster is obsessed with games like PUBG, Fortnite or Asphalt. Unlike in the old days, the young generation now doesn’t want to have a bulky Gaming Console or a PC/Laptop to carry around all day. They prefer to have all their favorite games in their pockets.

Luckily, smartphone companies are now also focusing to make high-performance smartphones to offer a better gaming experience to their users. And if you are also here to find yourself a new gaming smartphone, then you are at the right place because today in this article we will discuss some of the best gaming smartphones that you can buy in 2022.

But, what kind of specifications should you look for in a gaming phone?

High-Performance Processor and Ram: The first thing you must consider while purchasing a smartphone is that it should have a decent processor and ram so that the game you want to play won’t slow down or heat up the phone while you are playing.

Mobile Display & Refresh rate: The latest smartphones now come with an OLED or AMOLED Display that gives a whole new experience while gaming. The colors in an OLED, or AMOLED display are much punchier and look great. The refresh rate also plays a very important role in gaming, it refers to how many times per second the display is able to draw a new image. I would recommend you get a minimum 90 Hz refresh rate display phone, if your budget allows you can also get a 120 Hz display phone.

Long-lasting Battery: What’s the fun in playing video games if you have to keep charging your phone after every hour of gameplay? Make sure you get a smartphone that has a long-lasting battery time of up to 3 hours.

Here is a list of some affordable gaming smartphones that you get:

1- POCO X3 Pro:

Poco Mobile is a Chinese brand that was recently launched in 2018, but in just a few years, they have launched many smartphones that are considered best for gaming. One of them is the Poco x3 pro. This phone has Snapdragon 860 chipset which is known for its high performance and it is also one of the most optimized processors in the world. Poco x3 pro also has a massive 6 GB of ram storage, an amazing 120 Hz display and a massive 5160 mAh battery. The phone is also equipped with new liquid cool technology which helps keep the phone cool even in extreme long-hour gaming. You can get all of these exciting and amazing features for just Rs 49,999.

 2- POCO F3:

Poco F3 is another amazing gaming smartphone that is super affordable and has all the latest features that you can think of. The most attractive feature of this phone is probably its 5G Snapdragon 870 Chipset. Yes, you guessed it right, this phone can support 5G technology and it’s not even that expensive. The smartphone is equipped with 8 GB of ram and a 120 Hz AMOLED display. The phone has a massive 4250 mAh battery backup so that you don’t have to worry about long gameplay. This will cost you just Rs 55,999.

3- Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

Xiaomi Redmi is another Chinese smartphone brand that offers quite a decent gaming experience if you are looking for a low-budget gaming smartphone. Especially its note series has gained a lot of attention for its amazing cameras and gaming performance.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S is equipped with a 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, which is one of the best processors available in the market right now. Also, it comes with 8 GB and 12 GB Ram variants, a beautiful AMOLED display and a 5000 mAh battery. You can get this smartphone for just Rs 39,000.

4- Realme GT Master Edition:

The realme GT Master edition is probably the coolest and the best-looking realme smartphone yet. But don’t think it’s just for show, the relame GT master edition has a Snapdragon 778G 5G Processor that contains a Cortex-A78 prime core with 2.4 GHz clock speed,  which increases its performance by 40%. It has 8 GB of ram and 120 Hz display. the phone is also equipped with Vapor Chamber Cooling System that covers about every heating area of the phone to keep it cool and keeps the phone in a high-performance state.

The Realme GT Master Edition can cost you around 75,000.

5- Samsung Galaxy A52s

Samsung’s Galaxy A52s was launched just last year and has gained immense love from users for its beautiful design and punchy colors. The phone also comes with the latest features such as the Snapdragon 778G 5G processor. The phone is also equipped with a 120 Hz AMOLED display and supports up to 8GB of Ram. It has a big 4500 mAh battery and will cost you just Rs 71,999.