BOL Entertainment’s Katakat Show with Mr. Bol Bachan Timing and other details

BOL Entertainment's Katakat Show with Mr. Bol Bachan Timing and other details

Stacking up with programs that target the latest apps and the super hit personalities on it, BOL Entertainment has yet again brought out a show, Katakat Show, that entails big TikTok and Instagram influencers but also fun-filled pranks that entertain the audiences.


Dubbed as ‘A Radio Show on TV!’, BOL TV describes this show as: “With the dawn of unprecedented times, a lot of Pakistanis have ended up with a routine that is not only quiet surprising, but has the tendency to become a bit boring.

Meeting your friends and peers have never been harder and social distancing is the new trend and rightly so! To ensure that these times are not plagued by negativity, BOL Entertainment has come up with yet another unique concept.”

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The set of the show is in a radio jockey station type set up and the format of the show is simply this that people call on the show targeting one person that they have selected and the host, Mr.Bol Bachan calls the targeted man or woman and pranks them about some personal information that has been provided to him by the one who has set him up and that makes the show extra fun and realistic rather than scripted.

Mr. BOL Bachan will also be joined by Pakistan’s biggest celebrities to play pranks on their peers too!

For participating:

You can also WhatsApp your call prank request to us on 0337 – 7777739.

For a lighthearted time, people can watch Katakat Show every Tuesday at 7:00 PM only on BOL Entertainment.