How to make TikTok Videos

TikTok has become the second most downloaded app of 2019, producing content at a speed unmet by any of the other social media platforms with viral challenges popping up, which seems like every second.



It has been the most downloaded application across iOS and Android, ahead of even WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

And now Pakistanis have become obsessed with the app as young TikTokers deliver amazing content that keeps us entertained. Joining the platform are also some the biggest celebrities in Pakistan that we love seeing on the television screens.

With the popularity of the app booming, many want to join and create content on the app and reap the benefits.

Here is a simple guide of how to create your own TikTok videos in Pakistan.

Sign Up To Create Account:

Signing up on TikTok can be done through Phone numbers, emails, or Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. After signing up, a username will be generated that you can easily change to your desired username.

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Interact with TikTok’s Interface & View Content:

Before making your own video, it is necessary to explore the app and view the different types of content that is being created on the app and shared for viewing. This will help you understand popular trends and what is your style of video making on the short video sharing platform.

The app is divided into two main feeds.

  • The default is of videos akin to Instagram’s Explore page, an arithmetically generated stream.
  • Swipe left and you’ll find the other, Following, which features uploads from people you choose to follow.

Make TikTok Video:

  • First, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
  • The camera will open, revealing a red record button.
  • The timer lets users film videos without continuously holding down the record button.
  • TikToks can be up to 15 seconds long, but users can also connect multiple clips together for up to 60 seconds of total recording.
  • To make a duet, tap the share button on the original video, and then hit Duet.
  • If you record a video at 3X speed, it will actually record a lot slower but play back three times faster.
  • If you record at 0.3X speed, it will record really fast and then slow everything down in the final playback speed.

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Navigate & Familiarize with Features:

Like Snapchat, TikTok has an array of AR effects that can be used in videos, which do things like change to change the features of your face.

  • On the right side of the recording screen is a Beauty button.
  • Below it is the filters menu, entailing a number of filters that are available on Instagram as well.

Choose a Sound:

  • Music in the videos on TikTok are what makes them go viral. Here’s how to choose one.
  • First, tap Add a Sound on the right side of the recording screen.
  • A menu of artists and records will appear.
  • Here, you can browse the most popular tracks on the platform
  • Many TikTok users also simply play a song from another device to go along with their videos.
  • TikTok will then register the track as an “Original sound,” which other users can then add to their own videos.

Add Text:

Now you can any text to your video and make the video custom to what the purpose of the video is. Popular challenges or hashtags can be used to alert viewers of what they are about to witness.

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Add Caption:

And finally before posting, you can add your caption and have post your video for the word to witness. Yet again here popular hashtags are encourages for maximizing reach.