Door Bohat Mujhe Jana Hai Song-A Tribute to Junaid Jamshed


The classic Pakistani band of the 90s, Junoon has turned 25 and to celebrate the silver Jubilee, band’s guitarist Salman Ahmed has released a touching tribute Junaid Jamshed. The song, ‘Door Bohat Mujhe Jana Hai’ features Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera Akram.

In a message on Tuesday, Salman Ahmed said he would dedicate “DOOR” to his late friend Junaid Jamshed who died in a plane crash on September 5. “I have planned to dedicate the release of DOOR to the memory of my friend Junaid Jamshed,” he said,

Besides the Akram couple, Rabia Butt and a child star have also been included in the video. It is directed by Usman Yousaf and released just a few days ago.

Watch Door Bohat Mujhe Jana Hai Song video here:

Here is a picture Wasim Akram poster

As well as Salman Ahmad: