Facebook to allow whatsapp and messenger cross chats

Facebook to allow whatsapp and messenger cross chats

In 2019, there were many rumors going around the town that Facebook is currently working on a solution that will allow Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram users to send messages to each other between different platforms.


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook recently revealed that all those rumors were not just a myth, it is all real and it is going to happen quite soon. He named this new feature as “Interoperability” and main purpose of this idea is to allow people to communicate with each other using three different social media platforms more efficiently, easily and privately.

It looks like; Zuckerberg has already started working on Facebook messenger to provide cross-chat support with WhatsApp and Instagram to users. However, since these platforms are based on different concepts, integrating them with each other will be not that easy as it seems

Facebook spokesperson revealed some information on this matter while talking to a New York Times reporter, saying that:

“People expect messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private, and we want to create the best messaging experiences for the people; we are working on solutions to make our messaging products more end-to-end encrypted and finding ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across different platforms.”

He also mentioned the fact that, this feature will focus primarily on “privacy”, allowing people to send end-to-end encrypted SMS messages from Messenger instead of using WhatsApp, where conversations are encrypted to hide conversion from un-wanted users. Also, People will be able to speak to someone on Facebook without revealing out their phone numbers.

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Fortunately, each social app would still work as a individual app, so users will not be forced to download another new app.The solution is designed for those people who uses only single Facebook account but wants to communicate with people using a different app. This will allow you to chat with anyone around different social media platform without leaving Facebook messenger app.

But since the feature is still in its early stages of development, it may still need many improvements along the way. However, this feature is expected to release late this year or early next year, said New York Times.