How to fully enjoy Eid ul Adha in Quarantine and Social Distancing

How to fully enjoy Eid ul Adha in Quarantine and Social Distancing

Even after months of staying in quarantine and practicing social distancing, the widespread global pandemic has not been eradicated, though controlled to some extent. But this still doesn’t allow Muslims to celebrate the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha with the same fervor as before.

Hajj this year though happening, has only allowed locals and Muslims around the world had to delay Hajj plans as Saudi government banned the entry of foreigners this Hajj due to covid-19. Though deflated, Muslims are excited to witness the blessed occasion of Hajj and Eid from home this year.

So here are 10 things you can do this Eid-ul-Adha without disregarding any SOP’s

Order your Qurbani Online:

As social distancing and steering clear of large gathering becomes a norm, the visits to cattle farms and huge sacrificial animal markets will become limited by Muslims this year. But that is not a cause of concern as many organizations and cattle farm owners have arranged the option of buying the sacrificial animal online that, which will make it easier during widespread pandemic.

Do a combined Qurbani:

In order to limit huge gatherings and extended workings that come with individual Qurbani, this Eid in order to observe SOP’s, Muslims this year can do Combined Qurbani. Multiple families or neighborhoods can plan to buy combined sacrificial animals and have Qurbani in only one place which can be cleaned afterwards easily.

Meat Distribution in sealed packaging:

After offering the sacrifice of the animal, as per Fiqh, division of the meat properly and its distribution is adamant. Some portion is to go to relatives, some to the poor and needy and rest for one’s own family. This year Muslims should try and use containers that have been sanitized properly in order that the people receiving it shouldn’t have to worry if the surface is unclean or contaminated.

Cleaning the sacrifice area properly:

The most important aspect of cleanliness this year would be cleanliness. During and after Qurbani, it will be adamant to use disinfectants in the place where all the Qurbani related activity would have taken place. So well before Eid, Muslims should stock up wipes, disinfectants and more for maximum protection against the widespread pandemic.

BBQ Parties with Social Distancing:

As lockdown has been lifted in many parts of the world, people still continue to follow SOP’s in order to not get infected. So if you are planning to organize a BBQ party this Eid, make sure that hand sanitizers are available at the party and the seating has ample space between them and only 2 people maximum are operating the grill.

Zoom Party:

Zoom gatherings have become a norm these days and people continue to bond over this video-conferencing app. So if you are observing social distancing and planning to stay strictly at home then you can easily connect with family not only in the country but also abroad through zoom. You can also add custom background to your zoom call in order to give an extra flair.

Eid Prayer at Home:

Eid prayer is one of main aspect of both the Eids in Islam as men and women get dressed to pray and meet loved ones but coronavirus has constricted from such fiqhs to take place this year so Ullamas have allowed Muslims to pray at home and many have explained of how the Salah can easily be done at home.

Cook and deliver food to your friends and family in safe containers:

Eid-ul-Adha is all about having the meaty deliciousness that is prepared to celebrate the festive occasion. Shami Kabab, Kunna, Qorma are some of the favourites that each household makes with its own flair, so prepare all the dishes and share them with friends and family by delivering to the houses of friends and family to spread the joy and not germs.

Go Live to show off Eid Preps:

On Eid day before Qurbani happens, make share to let everyone see your preparation as well as your sacrificial animal if you have one. Instagram live has become ever so popular during these quarantine days and other options give you endless opportunities to get connected with your friends and families this Eid.

Organize an Eid Corner:

To show-off your dress and other Eid preparations, prepare an Eid Corner to get snaps of yourself and your family and post early online so that friends and family can see how you are enjoying Eid at home. Find a well-lit corner of your house, load it up with Eid décor and a few Eid delicacies and you are good to go.