How to make viral TikTok videos – Tips & Tricks

How to make viral TikTok videos - Tips & Tricks

Have you recently downloaded the Famous video-sharing app ‘TikTok’ and want to make video’s that will instantly go viral over the internet?

Then you are at the right place, in this article we will give you some amazing tips and tricks that will help you increase your followers and likes on your TikTok videos and go viral in no time.

TikTok is no doubt, has become one of the hottest social media platforms in the world right now outstanding other social apps like Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.

It is also worth mentioning that almost 69% of the total users on TikTok are between 16 and 24 years old, which means that if you want to reach out to young audience for your brand or any other agenda than TikTok is the best choice for you to start with.

Now, without any further ado, let us start right away.


Use Trendy Hashtags:

Obviously, the most effective way to get more views on your videos is to use hashtags that are on top trends. These hashtags can be easily visible at the landing page of your TikTok account.

Using trending hashtags will make your video more visible to people who are looking at the front page of the app, and it will therefore improve the visibility of your account. This is one strategy that is quite simple but effective.

When using trending hashtags, try to use multiple hashtags and not just one. The more trending hashtags you use, the more people you can reach.


Know What People Likes the Most:

Firstly, to make your videos go viral, you should focus all your attention to what type to video or content people are liking on the app. If you can figure that out you would not have any kind of problem to make a great content that everyone would love to watch, like and share. You should know every popular video which is on trend, it will give you a clear idea what people want to see and expects from you.

Here, I will share some idea’s that you can add up into your TikTok videos to make it more engaging to other users.

  1. Choose some top trending songs on TikTok and try to cover these songs as soon as possible so that it can reach out to other users as soon as possible. You can try lip-sing on these songs or even show some of your dance moves if you can. It is not mandatory that you dance like a pro, you can also dance funny. Funny dance has a great influence to the user and people just love them, but try to keep it simple and short.
  2. Share some quality time with your cute pets, people love watching cat, dogs or even birds fooling around with their masters.
  3. Try to use trendy memes your own, make an original content. You can get inspiration from memes but try not to copy as it is.
  4. You can show-off your stunt skills as well, try to make safe stunts if you can. But, make sure you tell in your video to not try this at home without proper training.
  5. You can share your artworks like pictures, videography crafts or film yourself doing some art-work. People are very interested in such type of videos that shows true art work.


Share your TikTok Videos:

You can not just make a video go viral by just staying on a single social media platform. Try to link all of your social platforms such as Faceook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter with TikTok, share it with your friends and families as much as you can so that your video can reach out to more people.


Make Duet Videos With Other Users:

It is always better to work as a team rather than working alone. TikTok offers a feature to make duets with other TikTok community users, it will help both the users to gain each other fan followings, account visibility and popularity. Always try to make a duet with a well-known personality on TikTok or at least the same level as you.

Dress Well:

It would not be so shocking if we say that clean and attractive personalities get more attention and views on TikTok. But it does not mean that you have to extremely cute and stunning. Even simple looking people can have a huge impact. The key is to be well dressed and organized.

You should always make sure you look fresh and hygienic. Trim your facial hair (if needed) work your eyebrows, put on some makeup, comb your hair and brush your teeth. Being messy and a slob on camera will not make you famous.

Be more Expressive:

TikTok is not like all other social platforms. If you want to be a TikTok star you have to express your feelings a little more than usual, even exaggerate some time. If you will stand still and talk in a serious tone no one will notice you. But if you are full of energy and enthusiast about it, the more people will get attracted to it. Try different type of crazy and wild dance moves or stunts. Use loud sounds and funky movements in your videos.

Make TikTok Challenges:

Some challenges on TikTok can be very silly, but at the same time they can be really exciting and super fun. You can accept these trendy challenges and compete with the other users to stand out in that challenge. Try to do it with some of your own special way or mixing some extra flavors to it so that it seems a little more interesting and fun.

With this you can attract a lot of audience since these challenges are on the hit list of many viewers and you may even find your video being on the recommended watch list.

Well, this is all you need to know that will make your video go viral. I hope this article will help you to become a TikTok star in no time.