Kaasa E Dil: Promo, Story Starring Hina Altaf, Affan Waheed, Komal Aziz

With stories about a classic love triangle becoming one of the most favorite story-lines of the audiences, Hina Altaf, Komal Aziz and Affan Waheed are set to bring a story of love and much more in their latest serial on GEO TV.


GEO TV posted the trailer of the show on their social media handles.

The serial is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment and is a story about a love triangle where the main lead, Affan Waheed marries Komal Aziz without the knowledge that he was already married to Hina Altaf, how this betrayal will affect the three in this triangle and why such a lie was told is all that the audiences will find out in the latest series.

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Komal Aziz has been gaining a lot of acclaim recently for her portrayal of Saiba in the hit series “Raaz-e-Ulfat”, an evil and menacing character who for her gains and happiness, will destroy everything that comes in her way and even take from others what she wants.

Hina Altaf, Azfar Rehman’s upcoming drama on GEO TV: Trailer, Story

With a hit like “Bandhay Ik Dor Se” making strides, Hina Altaf is set to star in yet another GEO TV serial along with superstar Azfar Rehman Khan. Previously Azfar Rehman and Hina Altaf came together on the screen in the HUM TV drama serial, “Aatish”.