Online Grocery Shopping in Pakistan Boosts as Lockdown Continues

Online Grocery Shopping in Pakistan Boosts as Lockdown Continues

The world has seen a shift in the way consumers not only shop but also how they interact with their needs, since the global pandemic hit and gave a ‘never before witnessed’ halt to the entire planet.

People due to the precautions set by WHO that require social distancing have opted for a completely new lifestyle as never before witnessed. Offline shopping has become a thing of the past and online buying has become the norm. This hold especially true for grocery shopping as it is a fast selling item and people have been looking for various options that can fulfil their needs without any physical contact with brick and mortar store setting.

Big brands like Imtiaz Super store and Chase Up have also boosted their previously neglected home delivery portion of business as more brands have become aware of how lucrative it can be during the lockdown.

Some interesting stats released by Google show how this trend has only increased as it shows that search for “online grocery delivery” increased by 300%. An increase of 130% has been recorded in the search of “fast delivery options”.

People are either going to a more 5-7 working day option, but as grocery is a fast moving, consumers need these as soon as possible opting for a 1-2 delivery options. Here are a few brands currently offering both:


Careem the car service giant, but as the pandemic took the world by storm, Careem came up with a super app that offers car service, food delivery and grocery shopping all in one app for which you can use one wallet for any option. The delivery is instant like in a food home delivery setting.


There are options out there that offer delivery of anything ranging from grocery to pharmacy needs to anything within 1-2 hours. Consumers can order anything from anywhere and will be able to receive the order only charging delivery charges and no other fees or inflated prices on the products. You can order directly from their Facebook page or Whatsapp number.


Also offering now same day delivery, Hummart is a platform that is delivers grocery within Karachi at the delivery charge of Rs.200. Hummart also offers exclusive deals and offers discounts on various products. Also now offering Mobile Phone Delivery nationwide, Hummart is broadening its horizon.


Anything ranging from grocery to fresh fruits and vegetables to cell phone and accessories, QnE has been long in the game of delivering commodities to their customers. Offering exclusive bundles on their website that attracts the customer along with no delivery charges.

What do you think are you find it easy to order groceries online?