Pakistan’s First Transgender Kami Sid Makes Modelling Debut

Kami Sid Transgender Pictures

In an attempt to stand against the rising intolerance towards the transgender community in Pakistan, Kami Sid – Pakistan’s first celebrity transgender has now turned to modelling. Many people already know Kami Sid as an activist who has worked tirelessly for the transgender community in Pakistan.

Kami Sid is dedicating this powerful photoshoot to end the transphobia, active in the large country. Furthermore, to end the stereotypes attached to it.

Pakistani transgender Kami Sid Pictures

Pakistani transgender Kami Sid Pictures

Photographed by Haseeb M. Siddiqi, and makeup by Nighat Misbah, the two collaborated with Karachi-based gave Kami the powerful feminine look.

Pakistani transgender Kami Sid Pictures

Kami firmly believes in ending the violence and phobia against the Transgender community. Diminishing the limits set for them in the country. In addition, she featured in a documentary filmed by BBC, How Gay is Pakistan. She has become very vocal about transgender rights. She works as an activist for LGBT.

Kami says she can reach more people by this way and wants to change the mindset of the people in our society.

Check out some of her Instagram pictures:

Kami Sid with her boyfriend

Kami Sid all dressed up for an event

Lady in Red