Sadaf Kanwal married Shehroz Sabzwari (Pictures): Confirmed

Sadaf Kanwal got married to Shehroze Sabzwari (Pictures) Confirmed

Famed model and actor, Sadaf Kanwal, as of today has changed her name to “Sadaf Sabzwari” confirming the wedding between her and longtime rumoured boyfriend Shehroz Sabzwari.

sadaf kanwal shehroz sabswari wedding pictures

The rumors of the two dating began shortly after Shehroz Sabzwari announced separation from his wife, the actor extraordinaire, Syra Shehroz, hinting that Shehroz cheated on his wife. But Shehroz put a stop to these rumors, saying that he has a working relationship with Sadaf. But the tabloids could not remain silent for long as the two were again spotted cycling together out in Karachi shortly after the divorce was finalized.

And further fuel was added to these fiery rumours when Sadaf Kanwal commented “Happy Birthday Mama” on an Instagram post addressed to Shehroz Sabswari’s mother.

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And now this roller coaster of a ride that is the relationship between Sadaf and Shehroz has finally amounted to a solid something as the change of the name suggests.
According to Express Tribune, actor Behroze Sabzwari said, “it is nobody’s concern if they got married or not, this is our family’s matter.”
” Why do people think they have the right to any one’s personal life?” He added. The actor also stated that many need to stop sharing news that doesn’t concern them.
“People need to stop maligning the name of someone’s daughter just because they have nothing to do,” the Tanhaiyaan star continued, adding, “Syra is our granddaughter’s mother, and she will continue to be our daughter.” The actor said when asked on the sudden new development.

Sadaf posted the pictures on her instagram profile with a simple caption, Complete ♥️

They were quite in talks since Shehroz and Syra Yousuf parted ways earlier this year, Syra Yousuf also announced the separation on her instagram post and asked the public to keep the matters private and she only wishes the best for her daughter.

Pakistani Actor Shehroz Sabzwari had earlier announced his decision to split with wife Syra Yousuf Khan “on account of irreconcilable differences” and decided to end their marriage.

Tabloids are expected to get some information from the “newly-wed” couple as Sadaf’s actions prove that they are ready for the world to see them together now.