Indian Media claims Pakistan sent trained Locust to Destroy India

Indian Media claims Pakistan sent trained Locust to Destroy India

According to the latest claims made by the Indian media is that Pakistan is responsible for the terrible locust’s situation in India and have come up with claims of terror-trained locusts.

In the latest episode of Arnab Goswami’s coveted chat show, Indian Journalism has reached a pinnacle as the journalist tries to build a case against Pakistan and claims that with the help of locusts, Pakistan is conspiring against India as apparently, these swarms are meant to carry out terror operations in the country.

Arnab Goswami has now claimed that terrorist locusts are infiltrating India from the Pakistani side of the border. The lowly claim is meant to be a blow for Pakistan as it simply proclaims the inability of the neighbouring country to take on India.

Arnab Goswani should win Oscar

This claim comes from Arnab Goswami and the Indian Media after the “spy pigeon” debacle. The pigeon, “with a prominent pink patch and a tag on its leg”, was logged at the police station as a “suspected Pakistani spy”, said Republic TV.

Arnab Goswami’s claims though accounting for an entertaining episode of his daily show has become an utter embarrassment for the journalist’s fraternity as the high ratings of the show is representing all of journalism in India.

Here are some of the tweets by his fellow journalists of the country.

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What is your take on the latest story being covered by every prominent news channel on Indian Televisions? The far-fetched theory though bogus and completely illogical, does provide for good entertainment.