Shahid Afridi criticizes the government for the condition Karachi is in today

Shahid Afridi criticizes the government for the condition Karachi is in today

After the city of Karachi experienced the record heaviest rainfall in the past 90 years, people and infrastructure of the city continued to suffer enormously as lives and much more were lost and are still in danger. Because of this, cricketer Shahid Afridi released a thread on Twitter with hashtag #WhoWillSaveKarachi.

The ace cricketer and socialist took to twitter to ask the government of where are the promises and when will they materialize as the citizens continue to suffer.

The provincial and federal government were declared as failures by Afridi as he continued.
“The residents of the city are deprived of electricity, roads are inundated with rainwater, sewage lines have overflown and people are forced to relocate after water entered their houses,” the cricketer said.

“I wish we could learn from any metropolitan city of the world and create artificial lakes,”

Afridi said. “We pay taxes here but what responsibility does the administration fulfill in return? Who will punish the people who have turned the city into garbage?”

The spell witnessed by Karachi this Tuesday was been the most brutal as 5 people have lost their lives. People around the city are stuck, offices and markets completely closed as the water from sewerage is damaging the properties.

Flight operations have been suspended too.

The Sindh government has declared a rain emergency following heavy rains in Karachi and other parts of the province, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said Tuesday evening.