Srha Asghar reveals her inspirational Weight Loss Story

Srha Asghar reveals her inspirational Weight Loss Story

The actress, Srha Asghar, has gained wide spread recognition after appearing in the massive hit “Pyaar Kay Sadqay”, as a brash, confident yet loving sister, and executing the character to perfection.

This journey to becoming this iconic actress and personality has been a long, hard yet full of passion.

Though body shaming is quite the norm in our society, but the reason Srha Asghar wanted to lose the extra pounds famously was because she wanted to be healthier and that is what she preaches her fans as well.

Reduce unhealthy fat to be healthy not for the society:

Srha has also shared her diet plans on her Instagram frequently, so that more and more people can benefit from it.

She had to balance her work life, studies, and home life while keeping up the fitness regime, which she expresses was not an easy journey.

In her recent interview in a TV morning show, Srha Asghar said that She was 65 KG and with waist size 36, when she decided that she is going to lose those extra pounds on her body as she wanted to be in the industry.

Practice Self-Love:

Srha’s story is considered so different from all others because she was happy in her skin when she was chubbier and did not lose pounds because of the society but as an act of self-love.

Srha expressed: “But you know what all these years I made sure to show/prove to all those people who have let me down, who thought I will never make it, who constantly made fun of me, call me with names and thought I would give up. No that’s not me. I don’t give up on myself because I love myself and I do each and every effort to make me feel happy about how I am.”

An Inspiration and mentor:

She is now on a mission to inspire all her fans that reducing weight is not that hard and with few steps, you can achieve your target weight.

After posting inspirational messages and practical diet plans, Srha also checks up on her fans.

“Gym Look” is just a trend, Fitness is a lifestyle:

Seeing the widespread celebrity culture of “gym looks”, people have taken the whole regime for granted and fashion purposes only and Srha explains to her fans that they need to take their health seriously and adapt what suits them best accordingly.
The actress told her fans;

“Diet and workout is a lifestyle, not a trend..if you start doing it then do it with full commitment.”

She continued, “I get up early do my workouts at home. I have loads of water the entire day. I keep myself active, use stairs instead of elevators. I make sure I sleep 8 hours a day. I also do intermittent fasting twice a week.”

There are no shortcuts:

Srha has explained to her fans that they cannot be impractical and not adapt diets and fitness regimes that promise fast weight loss as it only is harmful to people in the long run.
“There are many diets on Google but trust me it can be harmful to your health. If you want to maintain a diet then do it for a LIFETIME”. The actress added

There are not many celebrities like Srha, who have such passion for her fitness and health of her fans and we wish her all the best in her goals for the future.