Top 10 Atif Aslam Songs That Must Be In Your Playlist!

Atif Aslam – the name is synonymous to heartfelt songs that break records! The Pakistani singer who has touched millions of hearts with his unconventional voice and high octane notes is one of the most in-demand singer, not just in Pakistan but in Bollywood too. Aslam started his career initially in his college by performing mini-concerts with his band “Jal”.

With sheer determination, the talented singer rose to fame with his song Adat and soon he left Jal to work on his solo concerts and albums. Little did he know that soon the world will sing along and dance on his tracks. The pop/rock singer has done some extraordinary job in Bollywood too. He has sung songs for various movies out of which some became super hit among the Indian audience. Making a great name in the B-town is one of the greatest achievements that Atif has done as a Pakistani Singer.

Known for his unique style  and vocal belting technique, Atif has given many hit songs to Pakistan as well as to Bollywood. Here are some if his Top songs that flooded the media and the internet:


Adat was one of the first songs that Atif’s first album Jal had. It went so viral throughout internet making  Atif an overnight star. The song was then featured in the Bollywood movie Kalyug too that soon won hearts of Indian audience as well.

Pehli Nazar Mein

Atif has surely made a mark in Bollywood, his song Pehli Nazar Mein from the movie Race was a super hit that opened doors of opportunities for Atif in the Bollywood.

Woh Lamhe

Making the Indian audience fell in love with his voice, Atif gave another hit song with the name of “Who Lamhay” which was originally part of Jal’s Album. Mahesh Butt with Atif’s consent made this song the soundtrack of his new film Zeher that was released in 2005.


This one song will surely take you down the memory lane. Atif’s Doorie song was a super hit song that touched hearts of his fans.

Meri Kahani

2010 was the time when Atif had a chance to come up with his Album with TIPS being the sponsor. Ye Hai Meri Kahani song soon gained much recognition from the audience and made Atif a step closer to success.

Tu Janay Na

Tu Janay Na from the movie “Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani” made it to the minds and hearts of the audience who went crazy and fell in love with Atif’s romantic song that he sang so beautifully. His song was even nominated for Filmfare awards in 2010.

Tera Hone Laga Hun

Another hit song from the movie “Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani’ made Atif excel in his career at Bollywood. The Pakistan singer got popular and was offered more assignments for different Bollywood movies.

Tajdar e Haram

Originally sung by the legendary Sabri Brothers, Coke studio brought the new style to the original qawwali Tajdar e Haram with Atif’s Voice. As a tribute to Sabri Brothers, Atif’s voice has done justice to the song. This was one of the most popular songs of Atif through Coke studio that touched the hearts of the entire nation.


Tere Sang Yara

Atif has always succeeded in making people fall in love with him when he sings Romantic songs. This particular song ‘ Tere Sang Yara’ from the movie Rustom has led everyone to listen to this song every now and then. Atif’s is a magician when it comes making people fall in love with music.

Piya O re Piya

Atif knows the art of romancing with music! With the song ‘Piya O re Piya’ from the movie “Tere Naal Love Hogaya’ Atif has again proved that no one can beat him when it comes to romantic love songs.

Atif has sung many songs for Bollywood and held many concerts in different parts of the world too. Such success for a Pakistani singer is a remarkable one in such a short span of time!