Top 10 Movies and TV Shows to watch on 14th August, Pakistan Independence Day

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows to watch on 14th August, Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan is all set to celebrate its 73rd Independence this year and people are rejoicing as this year people have especially faced dire circumstances in the face of a global pandemic and now after a near 5-month lockdown has been lifted and missing out on all Eids, finally people will celebrate the “Azaadi” with valor and fervor.

And just taking the deep feeling of patriotism even further there is an array of movies and dramas that can really put one in the “Independence Day” mode. With the flying flag and the color green rampant in the country, one is all set to watch a movie that reminds them of what it has taken to make this country, to grow it and sustain it.

Here is a list to keep you busy this Independence day:

Khuda Kay Liye

One of the first movies pitched in the era “Revival of Pakistani Cinema”, Khuda Kay Liye is a deeply patriotic movie that highlights what Pakistani youth has to face in the west and within the country just because they are “Pakistani”. The film documents perfectly how youth today is trying to overcome the challenges after the world prejudiced against Pakistanis wrongly in the wake of 9/11.


The critically acclaimed Waar is the movie packed with action that tells the story of a retired security officer who’s on a mission to save Pakistan from a war against terrorism. Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aisha Rao Khan and Shamoon Abbasi play lead roles in the movie.


One of the most powerful stories told on television, Dastaan is a love story that shows two people and their families and circles losing essentially everything they held dear to have “Pakistan”. Bano and Hassan are the main leads who with their passion for a country solely for Muslims work with their education, money, families and much more to help Quaid get to his goal.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

A continuation of the extremely funny and lighthearted “Sunehray Din”, Alpha Bravo Charlie touches deeply on all aspects on the deep brotherhood and service, Army men have towards their country. Pakistan’s helping Burmese people during the war is shown very well in the series and the difficulties of securing borders such as Siachin is a battle with death every day.


Maalik is the story of the battle that is between the dictatorships that the feudal lords have over their people, a military man who aspires to serve his country after retiring and a teacher who longs to instill passion in the youth. Maalik rubbed many departments the wrong way and was banned but was later released in theaters after heavy editing.


Counted as one of the first spy thrillers of Pakistan, O21 is the story of two men who only have 21 hours to stop a war between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Directed by Jami, and Summer Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar and her son Azaan Sami Khan. The movie stars Shaan Shahid, Aamina Sheikh and Shamoon Abbasi.


One of the most famous movies documenting to perfection Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s journey to making Pakistan a reality is the Christopher Lee starrer “Jinnah”. It shows the struggles Jinnah had to face as he had many powerful enemies who would do anything to stop him, a nation that depended on their leader to lead them and the personal tolls all this took on him.


Showing the passion of the youth today for the country is Ehd-e-Wafa, which shows the journey of 4 boys who grow into men of this society having positions that can change much in the country for the better. The four biggest sectors Army, Media, Bureaucracy and Politics are shown in the drama and how they play a role in making this country great.

Abdullah: The final witness

The film focuses on the Kharotabad Incident which took the lives of five Russian citizens, allegedly mistaken to be suicide bombers by the Frontier Constabulary force, at the Kharotabad check post in Quetta. Produced and directed by Hashim Nadeem, the film features Hameed Sheikh, Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan in lead roles.


Yalghaar is a 2017 Pakistani war-epic film that is based on the true story of Pakistan Army’s Swat Operation. The film “explores what happens in the lives of those involved, including the militants and how all of them are affected at a personal level because of the ongoing operation”. The film was presented as a tribute to victims of the 2014 Peshawar school attack.