DC Skardu announced the City is now officially open for tourism

DC Skardu announced the City is now officially open for tourism

After a decline in coronavirus cases all over the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan allowed almost all tourist spots in Pakistan to be opened and after this announcement, Deputy Commissioner of Skardu also made the announcement via a tweet that Skardu will now be open for tourists.

As per his directives, all tourists entering the area must “proof of a negative coronavirus test result” and then will be allowed.

Senior Minister of Punjab and Minister of Food also shared the excitement for opening all the major locations for tourism

Asad Umar urged everyone to strictly follow the SOPs as the virus is still not completely gone

“Restaurants and cafes, outdoor and indoor, will be allowed to open from 10th August and standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be finalised in next two to three days. Moreover, public parks, theatres, cinemas, amusement parks, arc­a­des, expo centres and bea­uty parlours will also be allowed to open from Monday,” Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar said at a media briefing after the NCC meeting.

The minister said restrictions on road travel were being lifted on Monday, but permission would not be given for standing and travelling on buses.

Meanwhile, Hazara Division Commissioner Riaz Khan Mahsood advised the tourists from across the country not to visit the Hazara division as the KP government had imposed a ban on tourism in the wake of COVID-19.