Top 20 Nazia Hassan Songs of All Time

Top 20 Nazia Hassan Songs of All Time

Nazia Hassan started her singing career at an early age of 10 and quickly became a singing sensation of Pakistan due to her euphonious voice. Apart from being a singer and song writer she was also a lawyer, social activist and philanthropist. Who does not remember the melodious voice of Nazia Hassan? It is unfortunate that the iconic pop singer left us so early but her music is still alive.


Nazia Hassan was also known as the “Queen of Pop.” Still she has massive fan following around the world and she is still remembered by her fans through her music.

Here is a list of her 20 hit songs she is still remembered for.


1. Disco Deewane (1981)

Wait what? You might have listened this song in Karan Johar’s“Student of the Year,” but it was a remix, originally it was sung by the Queen of Pop. The 80s love ballad also has an iconic music video that will make you forget the remix.

2. Aao Naa (1981)

AaoNaaPiyarKarainis also from her debut album “Disco Deewane.” This song was also a massive hit not only in Pakistan but also in India. Still people who were in their early teens in the 80s listen to this hit song and are hit by it.

3. No Entry (1986)

For this track Nazia Hassan partnered up with legendary Indian vocalist Kishore Kumar and it was part of a bollywood movie “Main Balwaan,” starring stars like Mithun Chakraborty and Meenakshi Sheshadri.

4. Rock n Roll (1986)

Rock n Roll was also a part of bollywood movie “Main Balwaan” and was also featured by the legendary Kishore Kumar.

5. Aap Jaisa Koi (1980)

Aap Jaisa Koi was a filmi disco song that revolutionised Indo-Pakpop culture. This song was a part of Bollywood film “Qurbani.” She also won Filmfare “Best Female Playback Award” for this song.

6. Boom Boom (1983)

Disco track of the 80s were often very noisy, irritable and synthpop. This song from the Bollywood film “Star” proved that lyrical depth is also important in pop songs. Nazia Hassan was also nominated for Filmfare“Best Female Playback Award” for Boom Boom.

7. Dheere Dheere (1982)

Dheere Dheere was another hit song by the Queen of Pop featuring with her brother Zoheb Hassan which was released back in 1982.

8. Dosti (1983)

Dosti is another evergreen song which is still listened among the youngsters. The song highlights the love of friendship and can be called as “Anthem of Friendship.”Dosti is from her third album “Young Tarang.”

9. Mein Aya Tere Liye (1986)

Nazia Hassan again along with her brother Zoheb Hassan gave a massive hit song for Bollywood film “Ilzam,” staring Shashi Kapoor, Govinda and Neelum.

10. Jaana (1982)

Jaana was another song that featured in the Bollywood film Star. Zoe Viccaji did a remake of this song in Coke Studio Season 7, that remake was also a hit but nothing compares to iconic original song.

11. Tere Kadmon Ko (1981)

TereKadmon Ko was another track from her first album, TereKadmon Ko rocked all her fans when it was released.

12. Dil Mera (1981)

Dil Mera is another must listen song by the Queen of Pop.

13. Ankhain Milane Wale (1983)

AnkhainMilane Wale is another song from Nazia’s third album “Young Trung,” featuring her brother Zoheb Hassan.

14. Koi Nahi (1982)

Nazia Hassan’s Koi Nahien is another example of her melodious voice and it is also a must listen song for all the youngsters.

15. Dum Dum Dee Dee (1983)

Young Strung featured another classic pop song from the sister brother duo.

16. Khubsoorat (1987)

Khubsoorat was a part of the sister brother duo fourth album “Hotline,” which was produced by Indian producer Bidhu.

17. Aan Haan (1987)

Another pop iconic song at that time was AanHaan which was also the part of Hotline.

18. Lekin Mera Dil (1981)

Disco Diwaane, her first album was huge. LekinMera Dil was a part of it. Give this one a listen.

19. Teri Yaad (1987)

Hotline, her fourth album along with her brother featured another hit LekinMera Dil, which also a must listen song.

20. If You Could Read My Mind (1992)

This pop classic was a part of her fifth album “Camera Camera.”