Veena Malik Divorces Husband Asad Khattak


Remember Veena Malik? Of course, you do. How can anyone forget the controversial celebrity who rose to fame after her Bigg Boss antics with fellow contestant Ashmit Patel?

The actress who took a sabbatical from her career to have a family life is back in the news. Veena Malik has divorced her husband of 3 years, Asad Khattak over mutual differences and lack of financial support from the husband.

A court in Lahore accepted Veena Malik’s request for a divorce and with no contest from Khattak, granted the divorce. She will have to return 25 percent of the haq-mehr to Khattak.

According to rumours, the 33 year old actress wanted to rejoin the industry but Khattak was not in favour of her decision. The couple has two kids, Abram (2) and Amal (1) from their marriage.

They got married in Dubai in December 2013 in a quiet ceremony. Here is a poignant look back at their relationship.