Wedding Halls in Karachi start bookings again after lockdown ends

Wedding Halls in Karachi start bookings again after lockdown ends

The Sindh government has issued a notification lifting the lockdown restrictions across the province. Restrictions on cinemas, theaters, hotels and restaurants have also been lifted. In light of this decision, wedding halls and venues have started taking bookings for events across Karachi.

After inquiring from venue managers across the city, here is the list of SOP’s all wedding locations have to follow:

• Not be allowing more than 200 people in a hall that previously used to host at least 600 people before the imposition of lockdown.
• Round table will be set and arranged for accommodating 6 people instead of 12.
• Social distancing to be practiced strictly.

However, wedding halls and schools will remain closed until September 15. The decision has been taken in light of discussions at the NCOC and the National Coordination Committee (NCC), which agreed “to allow economic activities to lessen the economic burden on the population to the maximum possible extent while following precautionary measures”.

The bookings for weddings and other events are for September onwards and the companies have also started taking food-only orders for now. The people involved in this business of organizing events and related vendors are all very pleased with the decision as previously they had stated that due to the restrictions on weddings, many laborers and businesses were suffering.