Zainab Alert App launched in Pakistan to report Missing Children

Zainab Alert App

After numerous cases in the previous years of child abductions and missing children, the government has finally launched Zainab Alert App nationwide today, an effort by Ministry of Human Rights, in partnership with Pakistan People Platform.


In a tweet, the Ministry of Human Rights said, “The Zainab Alert generates an emergency response mechanism that activates state and law enforcement authorities at all levels. Citizens must be responsible while generating these alerts as great power comes with great responsibility.”

“It is promoting awareness and create knowledge within societies about children’s rights as well as state laws and frameworks for the prevention and protection of child violence,” Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari further said.

“The new helpline 1099 from MOHR will still continue to be open,” she said.

The minister said, “People are urged to take seriously the issue of child violence and to report cases on helpline 1099.”

As part of the Pakistan Citizen’s Platform today (Thursday), the government also intends to introduce the Zainab Alert smartphone application.

An extensive campaign was launched by Human Rights Awareness Programme where a total of 15 child protection committees across the federal capital for raising awareness on child rights and prevention of child abuse in different suburban communities of the city including in Kohsar, Sector I-9, Sector I-10, Meherabadi, Bari Imam, Shah Allah Ditta, Golra, Tarnol, Saidpur, Sohan, Muslim Colony and Chungi.