Actress Saeeda Imtiaz is ‘Alive,’ Sources Claim Her Instagram Account Was ‘Hacked’

In a shocking turn of events, news of the passing of the talented actress Saeeda Imtiaz sent shockwaves across the entertainment industry this morning. But wait, hold on to your tears because the latest scoop is that the news was nothing but a cruel hoax! Social media has been buzzing with authenticated reports from industry insiders and loved ones, confirming that the actress is very much alive and kicking. Apparently, her social media accounts were hacked, and the fake news was shared without her knowledge.

Earlier today, A heart-wrenching Instagram story shook the world of showbiz as it announced the untimely demise of the 32-year-old Pakistani actress Saeeda Imtiaz. The short note shared on her social media handle revealed that the star had been found lifeless in her room at home. The cause of her sudden and tragic death remained unknown, as no official statement has been released yet. The news of Saeeda’s passing had left fans and fellow colleagues in deep shock and mourning.

saeeda imtiaz death

Pakistani Actress Saeeda Imtiaz Passes Away

Saeeda’s final Instagram story hinted at a possible state of distress in the actress’s life. The cryptic message from the Wajood star read, “I lost nobody I needed. The real ones are still around.”

saeeda imtiaz last story

Fortunately, recent updates regarding the case have brought a glimmer of hope to Saeeda’s fans and well-wishers. Celebrity coordinator and Assistant Vice President of ARY Network, Raza Moosave, took to his Instagram handle to quash the rumors and confirm that the news of the actress’s passing was indeed fake. This revelation has come as a huge relief to everyone who had been grieving the loss of the talented star.

saeeda imtiaz is alive

Multiple credible sources within the entertainment industry have confirmed that Saeeda Imtiaz is, in fact, alive and well. The news of her passing, which had been shared through a fake social media post, has been exposed as a fraudulent act, and many news outlets have reported that her account was hacked.

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Saeeda Imtiaz rose to fame after her outstanding performance alongside Danish Taimoor in Javed Sheikh’s Wajood. She went on to appear in several notable productions, including Thori Setting Thora Pyar and Redrum. In addition, Saeeda Imtiaz played the role of Jemima Goldsmith in the movie Kaptaan: The Making Of Legend, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress. Recently, she had been working on ARY’s Tamasha Ghar and had been in regular contact with her team. With her impressive acting skills and dedication to her craft, Saeeda Imtiaz had become a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

It is our sincere hope that Saeeda Imtiaz will address the recent false news of her passing and put all rumors to rest. Her fans and followers would undoubtedly appreciate a video message directly from the actress herself, reassuring everyone of her well-being and safety. In these times when social media can be used to spread unverified information, it is essential that public figures take the initiative to communicate directly with their audience and provide authentic information. We eagerly await Saeeda Imtiaz’s response and wish her all the best.