Did Indian Singer Jubin Nutyal Copy Taher Shah’s ‘Eye To Eye’ Song?

Indian Singer Jubin Nutyal Copy Taher Shah's 'Eye To Eye' Song

If you are a Pakistani, you may have heard of Taher Shah, who become super famous after releasing his first song ”Eye to Eye” way back in 2013. After its release, the song instantly broke the internet and netizens started sharing memes of the song all over social media for unusual lyrics, composition, and video of the song.

Recently, famous Indian musician Hubin Nutyal, who had already been trolled for copying Pakistani Songs, released a new song called “Mast Ankhein.” However, after listening closely to the song, people can’t stop thinking if the song was somehow similar to Taher Shah’s viral ‘Eye-to-Eye’ song. The tune and composition of the song is surprisingly similar to Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye.

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After all these doubts, India’s Mayur Jumani took to his Instagram and shared a video in which he compared the video of Jubin Nautiyal’s “Mast Ankhain” with Taher Shah’s “Eye to Eye” and asked his followers if he was the only one “who thinks that the song was inspired” by Taher Shah’s “Eye to Eye?”. Here, check out the comparison:

In the video, Jumani pointed out the uncanny resemblance in Nautiyal’s get-up for the song with Taher Shah’s trademark look and created a mashup of the two songs by arranging bits from them in musical sequence, which made many viewers burst into laughter.

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Many Indians were criticizing the media industry for copying Pakistani content without giving due credit, however, others were just enjoying the moment, laughing and talking about the unity between both countries. Have a look at the comments.

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