realme GT3 Combines Mind-bending Charging Technology with Safety and Battery Longevity

realme GT3 240W Charging Technology

At the culmination of the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, realme offered insight into their newly launched realme GT3 that features the world’s fastest charging capacity at 240W. Speaking to the media, Chase Xu, realme’s Vice President and President of realme Global Marketing along with Mark Wesley, Product Communications Manager for realme Global delved into the leap-forward technology that makes realme GT3 a class apart.

Highlighting the essence of realme’s GT Series, Chase said that it commercializes innovation by bringing groundbreaking technology to the consumers. “Throughout the product timeline of realme’s GT Series, there has always been a leap in design, performance and technology – which is why consumers have come to expect it as a trendsetting trailblazer. With each new addition in the realme GT Series, we aim to step into a new dimension of leading the industry with our technology, going from popularizer to tech-leader.”

realme GT3 2

The newly launched realme GT3 sets a standard in the industry by minimizing battery charging duration. Under 10 minutes, the battery charges to 100% making it the world’s fastest charging technology to-date. On the safety question, Mark pointed out: realme GT3 has the industry-leading fast charge certification––the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System Certification. That means that even at 240W, our fast charge solution is even more reliable than other fast charging solutions out there, with more rigorous testing for a more comprehensive testing standard you can count on, allowing you to experience the thrill of fast charging without worrying about safety issues.”

Mark also highlighted the AI Smart Charging Technology of realme GT3. With intelligent scene detection and battery health protection, realme GT3 offers the charging technology that understands users best. It can sense your environment and adapts the charging accordingly. When in an airport, for example, you’ll get the fastest charge possible, getting you from 0-100% in under 10 minutes. When charging at night, the phone maintains an 80% charge while sleeping, and gives you a boost to 100% before you wake up. When charging while driving, the battery also maintains 80% charge, and gives you a boost to 100% before you arrive at your destination. With these features, even after one year of standard use, the battery health will still be close to brand new.

In extreme climates, realme GT3 can even adapt its charge to allow for safe cold-weather charging down to -20 degrees Celsius––the industry’s highest standard. This is significantly more reliable than other smartphones, where charging becomes ineffective at the 0 degrees to -5 degrees Celsius range. In extreme cold environments, the apportioned charging wattage wakes up the CPU and preheats the whole device to achieve fast-charging without causing low-temperature damage to the battery.

On a closing note, realme hinted that the company is analyzing when to introduce the realme GT3 in Pakistan, while also revealing that in the future, a new amalgamation of its GT Series and Number Series – the GT Number Pro Series might be unveiled, promising the best of tech that the industry has ever seen.